TruSox Football Socks

The TruSox are a revolutionary performance enhancing sporting product which is designed to maximise the grip you get in your footwear. Designed for several sports including football, rugby and cricket TruSox use non-slip technology pads both on the inside and outside of the sock allowing your foot and footwear to become one. TruSox are worn by some of the world's best footballers including Luis Suarez, Arjen Robben, Gareth Bale, Robin van Persie, Daniel Sturridge, Thiago Silva and Clint Dempsey.

TruSox feature revolutionary non-slip pads which ensure your foot does not slide inside the boot enabling for quicker acceleration and turns. The pads are activated as you start to perspire working better as they mould and acclimatise to your feet. Speed and agility are enhanced as the pads make you feel more secure in your football boots.

TruSox can be worn with your club socks and there are several different colours available as well as ankle, mid-calf and full length TruSox available. There are also thin and cushioned versions of TruSox available. The anti-slip panels and wet grip technology make TruSox a world class product and definitely something you should try.

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