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Mercurial Vapor VI Gets CR7 Safari Colourway!

Nike is also releasing the much-awaited CR7 Safari print with the Mercurial Vapor VI, accompanying its launch on the flagship Vapor Superfly II. While not as high-end as the Ronaldo-headlined silo, the Vapor VI nonetheless is a solid football speed boot. And getting the signature colourway can only do wonders for the popularity of the Mercurial Vapor. Nike  is also  releasing  the  much  awaited  CR7  Safari  print with  the Mercurial Vapor VI,  accompanying its launch on the flagship VaporSuperfly  II.

Like the Vapor Superfly II variant, the Vapor VI proudly carries the black and white snow leopard-inspired pattern with every space on the supper, including the tongue and the laces. Moreover, the Vapor VI’s lace cover, also designed with the same visuals, ensures that the laces stay clean and that the leopard aesthetics remain unblemished. The Swoosh completes the design with its solid vivid orange fill for an unmistakable Nike branding.

Tech-wise, the CR7 Safari Vapor VI features the same construction as a regular Vapor VI. The upper is comprised of a lightweight Teijin microfibre upper with, as mentioned, an integrated lace cover. Instead of the Superfly’s Carbon Fibre, the outsole on the Vapor opts for Glass Fibre. The Glass Fibre soleplate has a comparative durability advantage because of its single uncompromised soleplate. In addition, it houses directly moulded studs, leaving no room for missing stud issues.

Heel blistering might still be a problem, but if you can get past that and break the boots properly, Vapor VI Safari will not just be a good-looking but also a high-performing, functional pair of football boots. It flexes well with the bending of the foot and has a nice solid feel for the ball, especially during strikes and dribble.

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  1. I think it’s perfect I love mercurial and fall on you.
    Until now, the pink vapor my favorite shoes but the leopard shoes are awesome

    and i’m german 14-years-old boy

  2. Theyre probably the best boots that had ever existed! Love the style on them!!! Wel I am Romanian and 14 years old and I live in Ireland!

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