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X19+ Review

adidas' X19 collection offers players a responsive and comfortable playing experience yet remaining lightweight. The silo is notably the most popular as chosen by professionals such as Mo Salah, James Rodriguez, Gareth Bale and Luis Suarez.

5 Things About the X 19 You'll Want to Know:

  1. They're very comfortable for a lightweight boot
  2. They are narrow fitting (not the best for wide feet)
  3. They provide very aggressive traction (great grip as you run)
  4. They offer a large ball striking surface (easy to strike the ball well)
  5. The X 19 are very responsive (they react well to your movements)
I'm Ready to Buy My X19+

Expert X19+ Elite Reviews:

We've brought together the most trusted voices on Football Boots, to save you time when you're looking for new boots and combined our own personal opinions of the X19 too. Below you can find video reviews of the X19+ and their key takeaways, so everything you'd want to know is on one place!


  • They are very lightweight (197g)
  • The Skeletelweave upper is thin but quite stiff
  • The laceless model provides less responsiveness
  • The collar provides a decent amount of lockdown
  • The soleplate provides aggressive traction
  • It's tight fitting but still very comfortable
  • They can fit wide feet said:

  • The X19+ is different to the X 19.1
  • They are tight fitting and responsive
  • You need to try before you buy!
  • This is the best laceless boot by adidas
  • They provide a thin 'barefoot' touch
  • The soleplate is very flexible
  • The laced X 19.1 performs better than the X19+

Your X19 + Questions Answered

What size X19+ do I get?

True to size. Fits the same length wise as every other adidas elite level cleat.

Will the X suit my wide feet?

Yes, but it's certainly not one of adidas' best suited boots for wider foot types, potentially stick with the Predator

Do they have a knitted upper?

Although it may look knitted, the X19+ uses a synthetic Skeletalweave upper which is soft and thin.

How are they different to it's predecessor, the X17+?

In regards to construction, the boot is completely different however like the X17+, the X19+ is tigh fitting, lightweight and responsive.

How much does the X 19 weigh?

Being a speed boot, this boot is very lightweight at roughly 190-200 grams/6.9 oz depending on the size you have.

Can you Get the X in kids? What sizes are available?

Yes you can get children's versions of the X, they are available at cheaper prices as well.

Will the X soleplate flake off?

On the X19+ it will yes but on any other X range it will not flake off.

Can I wear these on grass/mud/3g/turf...?

Yes you can, there are different versions for different pitches, book a consultation with us and we can help you work out which is best for you between X FG, AG, SG, TF or IC.

What are these similar to?

In regards to fit it's actually quite similar to the Nemeziz and from Nike the Mercurial range.

What's the difference between the X19+ and the X 19.1?

The price, the X 19.1 is 50 pounds cheaper than the X 19+ and has laces and a Speed Mesh upper which is different to the laceless Skeletalweave upper design of the X19+.

Are they comfortable?

Yes, surprisingly they are very comfortable for a tight fitting and lightweight boot.

Who are the X designed for?

adidas market the X for speed, and hence tie in their big name strikers and wingers including Gareth Bale, Mo Salah, Luis Suarez and James Rodriguez.

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