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Please note the VSN 2 has now been replaced by the Phantom GT, consider reading this review to find out if the Phantom GT is the boot for you.

Elite Phantom Vision 2 Review

The 2nd generation Nike's Phantom VSN improces and evolves the seamless and snug fit, whilst maintaining the upper texture to aid in passing touch and striking the ball. With a reduced collar and streamlined silhouette, the Vision 2 mainains the VSN's place as one of the best tech heavy boots on the market.

5 Things About the Phantom Vision You'll Want to Know:

  1. The upper of the VSN2 provides great grip on the ball
  2. The Vision are comfortable to wear, lacing up into the Quadfit bootie
  3. Nike have reduced the height of the sock, which is a positive & improved the material quality
  4. The 2nd generation, has only a few, but important upgrades from the original
  5. Breaking in the Vision 2 Elite is easy for most players
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Your Phantom VSN 2 Options:

What is new with the VSN 2?

The flyknit upper with it's grippy feel and the soleplate of the boots practically remains the same, the design is switched up with new Nike swoosh placements; the small Nike logo is on the medial side and the large Swoosh has been moved to the front of the boot on the lateral side.

Those are just cosmetic, with the real changes coming with a more steamlined look to the boot and the ghost laces, with a pull tab added, so you can get the VSN 2 on more easily.

What we think of them...

First launched just after the World Cup in 2018 the Phantom Vision has been very popular since launch, but as time has gone on it's been looking for a revamp. That revamp has come at the start of 2020 with not a complete overhaul, but just subtle enhancements to the boot. Those changes have made it more streamlined and more efficient.

In the second generation the upper material still uses that same Flyknit construction and it still has that Phantom VSN little logo all over, as a grip texture, to give you that little extra feel when you're running with the ball & dribbling. Now the design has been updated slightly with movements of the Nike swooshes.

One of the main features of the Phantom VSN 2 is still that Ghost lacing system, that covers your laces so there are laces underneath but there's a covering that goes over the top. Now this has had that little update, tightened up with a pull tab added, to make it a bit easier to get your boots on. The heel tab sits on sock, which itself is quite a bit lower than what we saw in the first generation. This is a really good thing because the sock wasn't perhaps necessary, it was a bit of a bulky material, usually seend on cheaper Nike, so by bringing that down and improving the knit of the sock, it's really brought the boots up a level and gives you a much better feel around the ankle.

There are no changes to the outsole, so you've got that same soleplate that you saw on the original generation, but that's a good thing, it worked really well, great for rotational movements in midfield; twisting and turning with the ball and expect to see these on the feet of the likes of Kevin de bruyne, Mason Mount, Marco Verrati and maybe you!

Your Phantom Vision Questions Answered

How much does the Nike Phantom Vision cost?

The Elite Vision RRP is £230, the Pro £130, and the Academy £80. Kids Elite are £155 and the Kids Academy £60

What is the difference between the Vision and the Venom?

The Vision 2 is more of a playmaker boot because of the grip provided by the boot's Hyperscreen layer on the upper, while the Venom is more of a striker boot given its Precision Power Zone elements.

Which Vision boot is the best?

The best Vision is the Phantom Vision 2 Elite, after that you have the Pro, Academy and Club versions in that order.

Who wears the Nike Phantom Vision boots?

Kevin de Bruyne, Kai Havertz, Mason Mount and Marco Veratti are some of the players wearing the Phantom Vision 2.

What is Nike Phantom Vision?

A football boot manufactured by Nike, the Phantom Vision 2 is their control boot, offers ball grip courtesy of its multi textured Hyperscreen technology

What size do I go for?

The VSN 2 remains a true to size boot, you can happily order your normal boot size, with the length of the The Vision fits the same length wise as every other standrad Nike elite boots.

Is their a Children's Phantom VSN 2?

Yes, you can ge the Elite VSN II in Jr. made in kid's sizes, you can also get the Academy which is often a good option for younger players or the Pro halfway between Elite & Academy if you wish.

What is QuadFit?

An internal sock/bootie that wraps your foot providing a very snug feel from heel to toe.

How are they different to the original?

Larger area of boot covered with grip texture, smaller pass pad, more streamlined boot and ghost laces cover, pull tab added to put them on more easily and shorter sock part for the VSN 2.

Can I wear the VSN 2 on Astro, Turf or Artificial Grass?

To do so, you should invest in the specific AG-Pro soleplate for artificial pitches or the turf soleplate, rather than wearing the (FG) soleplate which is more suited to firm grass pitches.

What's the difference between Elite, Pro and Academy Phantom Vision?

Between each level, the main difference is the material used. The cheaper academy pairs use a more standard synthetic textile upper, and lower standard elastic ankle collar, although many find it just as comfortable and effective. The lace cover material has been updated on the academy since their original release, making them look more like the upper models. Moving up the PRO level you get a NikeSkin upper and a mesh instead of fabric bootie for an upgrade in quality. With the Elite versions you get a flyknit construction of the upper, for the ultimate fit with the NikeSkin on top and a better foot lock in the boot.

Looking at the soleplates, there is not much difference if you go soft ground, you'll want to ge the anti-clog soleplate, which works well on Elite, Pro & Academy, if you are looking at a firm ground pair, then you get a mixed stud soleplate on the Academy with a more pro configuration on the Elite and Pro.

Price wise you could be paying almost twice as much for an Elite pair over an Academy, we'd suggest trying to find the Elite on sale, rather than going for the scaled down versions, as you miss out on those extra details and you should get a boot that will perform for your whole season. The lower end boots are better value, but not if you can get an Elite pair on sale.

Elite Phantom Vision Review

The first generation Phantom Vision provided a seamless and snug fit while the grippy texture aided passing, striking and touching the ball, with a lightweight feel, standard fit width wise. Overall an Elite football boot that is one of the most advanced on the market.

5 Things About the Phantom Vision You'll Want to Know:

  1. The Phantom Vision has a Super Grippy Upper material
  2. They're comfortable to wear, but more of a barefoot feel than padded
  3. The sock isn't really necessary, but you can't get them without it
  4. They are hard boots to put on to your feet.
  5. Most of you will find break-in time for the Phantom Vision Elite to be quick & easy.
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Expert Phantom Vision Elite Reviews:

To save you time, we've combined our own personal opinions of the boots, with those of the most trusted voices on Football Boots online. Below you can find video reviews of the Phantom Vision Elite FG and their key takeaways, so everything you'd want to know on the Nike Phantom Vision is here for you!

Unisport tested the Raised on Concrete launch version of the Phantom Vision, they said:

  • They have a Super Grippy Touch
  • The Vision' Upper material is Comfortable
  • You get a Large Striking Zone for hitting the ball
  • You'll need A Lot Of Break In Time to have the boot feel comfortable and mould to your foot
  • You might find them Hard To Get On
  • You'll experience a Sock Like Fit
  • You will probably think the collar (sock material) is not needed

SR4U said of the Nike Vision Elite:

  • That the QuadFit gives a Good Lockdown and that the Laces Are Needed!
  • Easy To Break In/No Stiffness (Unisport disagreed, we find that they are a quick break-in, clearly not for everyone)
  • You may find the Lacing Restrictive - You could find it Hard To Lace up the boots
  • Tough To Get On - Hardest Nike Boot To Put On
  • Super grippy touch - Grippiest Nike upper on market (Like Total 90 Laser IV) - Good in wet weather as well (ACC a gimmick)
  • Loose/Sock Like Collar - Relatively redundant and has no structure
  • More Barefoot than Plush/Padded Touch

Your Phantom Vision Questions Answered

What size do I go for?

True to size, so you should get your normal size. The Vision fits the same length wise as every other Nike elite level cleat; see our size chart - click here.

Will the Phantom Vision suit my wide feet?

Most likely no, the last (how wide the boot is) has been made slightly more narrow from the now defunct Obra II. The bootie itself only has a little stretch, so probably not the best Nike boot for your wide feet.

Is their a kids Phantom Vision version?

Yes, a children's version is available in the Elite, Academy and Pro versions. The kids Elite Phantom Vision matches much of the adult version, with minor aspects missing from the Adults.

Are the Phantom Vision laceless?

No, they have laces! They feature what Nike call Ghost Laces and it's designed to provide a cleaner and larger striking surface with the laces hidden underneath a piece of material.

Are they comfortable?

Yes, the QuadFit mesh bootie provides a very soft and seamless fit inside these boots while the Dynamic Fit Collar & FlyKnit upper wrap the foot nicely as well.

Is there a low cut Nike Vision?

No, at this stage there will just be the version with the sock available across the Vision range.

How are they different to it's predecessor, the Magista Obra II?

The Phantom Vision has removed a lot of "bulk" from what we saw on the Obra II and now uses thinner upper materials for a more "barefoot" touch on the ball. Your touch will be much grippier, the studs are more agrressive for slightly more responsiveness and the Ghost Lacing system will definitely be the hardest thing to adapt to.

What are these Phantom Vision Elite similar to?

From other Nike boots, you can compare them to the Mercurial Superfly range and from adidas their X18, Nemeziz 18 and Messi Nemeziz boot options.

Are these a Nike copy of the adidas X18 or Glitch?

No whilst they are similar in design & concept, the Vision has a thinner and gripper upper and also has adjustable lacing to perfect your fit

Can I wear the Vision on AG or Artificial Turf/Grass?

Yes you can, but make sure to buy a specific AG-Pro soleplate, as the standard firm ground (FG) soleplate is suited to grass pitches, the stud pattern is too aggressive for artificial grass where they studs could get caught.

Are they lightweight?

Relatively, they aren't as light as a Mercurial but they're not too bad - 220g or 7.7oz (Same As the Magista Obra)

Who's going to be wearing them?

Marketed as a control boot, Nike have made Kevin De Bruyne their headline athlete in the Phantom boot. Other key players include Philippe Coutinho, Sergio Busquets and Samuel Umtiti.

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