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Nike have now replaced the Phantom VNM with the Phantom GT, our review of the GT is here, if you want to consider those instead of the Venom.

Phantom Venom Elite Review

Nike's Phantom Venom is a striker's best option when it comes to scoring goals as the boots provide a comfortable yet lightweight fit while the enhanced PWR strike zone offers a seamless and accurate strike on the ball, perfect for strikers and midfielders.

5 Things You'll Want to Know About the Phantom VNM:

  1. The fit is very universal meaning most fit types will fit this boot
  2. They are super comfortable and lightweight at the same time
  3. The added rubber zones provide a larger and cleaner striking surface
  4. The studs offer aggressive traction for quick cuts
  5. Break-in time will take longer than some boots, because of the VNM's thicker upper construction

Your Phantom VNM Options:

I'm Ready to Buy My Phantom Venom

Expert Phantom Venom Elite Reviews:

To save you time, we've combined our own personal opinions of the boots, with those of the most trusted voices on Football Boots online. Below you can find video reviews of the Phantom Venom Elite FG and their key takeaways, so everything you'd want to know on the Nike Phantom Venom is here for you!

Unisport tested the Game Over Launch Phantom Venom, they said:

  • They are very similar to the Hypervenom 3 (Could be a Hypervenom 4!) as well as the Total90 series which died out in 2013
  • The waxy forefoot texture enhances grip and control on the ball
  • The PWR strike zone increases your ball striking zone by 30% (Very similar to the Adaptive Shield from the Total90)
  • They are very useful for the knuckleball technique like Marcus Rashford
  • The lace cover can make it hard to tie your laces
  • FlyWire cables enables more lockdown in the midfoot
  • They fit very similar to the Hypervenom 3, comfortable, lightweight... perfect
  • Lockdown is good, not too aggressive and not too loose

SR4U said of the Nike Venom Elite:

  • The VNM is a combination of Hypervenom and Total90
  • The lack of a collar is a good thing
  • The Venom does have ACC, (an element which may or may not enhance performance)
  • The Hypervenom 3 is just as good as the Phantom VNM
  • The strike zone will not make you strike the ball better
  • The Flyknit lace cover does nothing
  • The hyperreactive soleplate is very flexible

Your Phantom Venom Questions Answered

How much does the Nike Phantom Venom cost?

The Elite Venom RRP is £220, the Pro £115, and the Academy £70. Kids Elite are £130 and Kids Academy £50.

What is the difference between the Venom and the Vision?

The Venom is more accustomed to strikers because of its Precision Power Zone strike fins on the instep, whereas the Vision is more suited for midfielders or playmakers due to its multi textured Hyperscreened upper that provides ball grip.

Which Venom boot is the best?

The best Venom is the Phantom Venom Elite, after that you have the Pro, Academy and Club versions in that order.

Who wears the Nike Phantom Venom boots?

Robert Lewandowski, Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane are some of the popular players wearing the Phantom Venom.

What is Nike Phantom Venom?

The Nike Phantom Venom is considered to be the Power boot offering of the brand, bringin in striking elements that the previous T90 line was known for.

What size do I go for?

True to size, so you should get your normal size. Same fit as other Nike elite level boots.

Who's going to be wearing them?

Strikers, goal scorers and creators. However any player can wear this silo, we think it would also be a good choice for goalkeepers and centre halves! Expext to see Harry Kane, Alex Morgan and Marcus Rashford headlining and scoring goals in these boots and maybe you too!

Why Do the Venom have a lace cover?

The Phantom VNM's laces are covered to enlarge it's striking surface making it better for your shooting.

What is the PWR Strike Zone?

It's 13 rubberised ridges in the ball striking area which are set at specific angles to help keep the ball down and on target.

Are they comfortable?

Yes! They are very comfortable for a lightweight striker's boot as they have a full Flyknit upper which is super flexible!

Is there a collared version?

There is no DF or dynamic fit sock version of the Phantom VNM, only a low option is available.

Is their a kids Phantom Venom version?

Yes of course! Like all of Nike's ranges their are kid specific versions at more affordable prices.

Will the Phantom Venom suit my wide feet?

Not the widest fitting boot by Nike, this still will be better than most Nike boots for wide footed players.

Are the just a Hypervenom Phantom IV (4)?

Almost, they are a very similar boot when you think about it. The Hypervenom Phantom was lighter and more elegant whereas the Phantom VNM is more of a bulkier feel and fit, all be it without the collared option. You can think of these as a merger between their predecessor and the Total 90 range that came before them.

Can I wear the Venom on Artificial Turf/Grass or Muddy Pitches?

There are different soleplates for this boot including FG (Grass), SG (Wet Ground) and AG (Artficial turf) as well as indoor and futsal specific soles, make sure to choose the right soleplate that suits the surfaces you intend to play on.

Are they lightweight?

Yes, not as light as the Mercurial but light enough to score 20+ goals a season, the PWR zone adds some weight, the lack of the collar reduces some.

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