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One 20.1 Review

Puma's One 20.1 is a bold silo that intends to be like a jack-of-all-trades, incorporating control, leather, and speed elements all in one boot. The versatility of the One makes it a great option for those that are still looking for their identity in terms of their footwear choice. It even includes a sock-like attribute that makes the One truly incomparable.

5 Things You'll Want to Know About the One 20.1:

  1. The instep is k-leathered that has the premium quality the One series is known for
  2. The One functions well with maintaining the wearer's stability during agile cuts thanks to the lateral's sprintweb technology.
  3. The Rapidsprint soleplate is classified as FG/AG, though one may get concerned with the length of the studs when playing in AG.
  4. The evoknit tongue and collar is perfect for those looking to have an extra covering around the ankle
  5. Though constructed with different materials, the One is as light as the knitted Puma Future and even at par with the market's leading lightweight boots
I'm Ready to Buy My One 20.1

Expert One 20.1 Reviews:

To save you time, we've combined our own personal opinions of the boots, with those of the most trusted voices on Football Boots online. Below you can find video reviews of the One 20.1 FG/AG and their key takeaways, so everything you'd want to know on the Puma One 20.1 is here for you!

Unisport tested the Spark Launch One 20.1, they said:

  • Decent value for money at just around 200 Euros versus other top-tiered boots
  • Gives a good combination of a comfortable k-leather and a lightweight speed boot sensation
  • The sock-like collar is still visible enough in terms of boot-to-foot transition without being too chunk and getting on the way
  • The Sprintweb on the lateral reinforces the lockdown while the leather benefits concentrates on the instep
  • The soft k-leather feels lovely on foot because it is plush and padded
  • Part of Unisports Top 5 high cut boots for 2020

SR4U said of the Puma One 20.1:

  • Changes on the One 20.1 relative to previous generations are more of variations rather than improvements
  • The leather quality is as premium as ever but with a bit more responsiveness due to the change in the internal cage system pattern and make
  • The length of studs might be a concern for AG even though the Rapidsprint soleplate is considered as FG/AG
  • The Rapidsprint soleplate might be one of the underrated soleplates in terms of traction and overall material quality
  • The One 20.1 has a one-shop-stop for every element of a football boot, ranging from control factors to speed boot feels
  • Joins the Future and King Platinum in the most comfortable lineup ever produced by Puma
  • The supportive lateral Sprintweb has a stickier rubbery sensation compared to previous One generations

Your One 20.1 Questions Answered

What size do I go for?

The One 20.1 is cut larger, so those preferring more snug, going half-an-inch to a full inch down is recommended. Otherwise, true to size would also fit well.

Who's going to be wearing them?

As versatile as the boot is the type of players that are wearing the Puma One 20.1. The boot is going to be on-feet of the mercurial striker Segio Aguero as well as the top class defender Harry Maguire.

Why does the One have a K-leather on the instep only?

Since leather stretches, lockdown might be affected especially if the leather has been broken in totally. Limiting the leather to the instep while having the Sprintweb on the lateral, plus the internal cage system in the leather itself, ensures that the leather would last longer, maintaining its plushness and pliability while retaining its lockdown for as long as possible.

What is the Sprintweb technology?

Similar to the Vapor's high tenacity yarns', or the Tiempo's Quadfit mesh's functions, the Sprintweb technology contracts when effort is exerted towards the lateral, gently hugging your foot tightly to maintain your stability while making those deft turns and crossovers.

Are they comfortable?

Yes! They are comfortable. In spite of the variety of materials, they are made to be as thin as possible and do not have that chunk sensation when worn.

Is there a low cut version?

There is no low cut version for the Puma One 20.1, you may want to consider Puma's King boots that are a great leather option.

Is their a kids Puma 20.1 version?

The .1 top model is not available in kid sizing, though the .2, .3, and .4 takedown models do have a youth size equivalent.

Will the One 20.1 suit my wide feet?

The extra room plus the pliability of the upper make the One 20.1 accommodating even to wide-feet players.

Are they similar to previous One generations?

Almost, and as noted by SR4U, the only differences are the rippled shape of the internal cage system, the stickier rubbery texture of the Sprintweb's surface, and the dotted pull tab in the latest Puma One.

What is the difference between the Puma Future & One?

The Future offers a Netfit customizable lacing system and generally knitted upper while the One has a central fusefit lacing, Sprintweb on the lateral upper, and premium K leather on the medial side.

What is the history of the Puma One 20.1?
  • One 17.1 - The One 17.1 replaces the Evo speed lines and Evo Touch Pro and introduces leather upper (generally reported as calfskin), Evoknit mid-cut collar that extends to the central lacing, and internal heel counter. Soleplate is made of Pebax material.
  • One 18.1 - The One 18.1 introduced K-leather on the forefoot and added a suede liner and padding to compliment the internal plastic heel counter.
  • One 1 - This version started incorporating the fusefit lacing with Puma pull loops and improved on the seamlessness of the materials of the upper making it significantly lighter than the previous iterations. The heel counter is now external and soleplate has been redesigned with Rapidsprint configuration.
  • One 19.1 - Aside from the transition from dotted to a wavy texture on the upper as well as some internal structure to support the waves on the leather toe box, the One 19.1 has not changed much from the One 1.
  • One 5.1 - Sprintweb technology on the lateral and the premium K leather is extended to the medial side.
  • One 20.1 - Sprintweb technology has a stickier rubbery surface for more grip. The linear texture on the leather is now curvier.

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