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Nemeziz 19 Review

The Nemeziz 19 as worn by the likes of Lionel Messi, Isco, Firminio and Jesse Lingard, the boot is designed around the concept of taping and uses a new split sole outsole in the new generation. Does the boot meet expectations, is it better than the 18+, should you wear the Nemeziz and how do you get them on?

5 Things About the Nemeziz You'll Want to Know:

  1. Most players will benefit from going up half a size
  2. They can be difficult to get on and you'll need the included shoe horn
  3. Feel everything on the ball, due to thin tension tape upper
  4. 19.1 will be a better option for most players, ask Messi
  5. The new outsole looks good, but adds no performance benefit
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Expert Nemeziz 19+ Reviews:

We've brought together the most trusted voices on Football Boots, to save you time when you're looking for new boots and combined our own personal opinions of the Nemeziz too. Below you can find video reviews of the Nemeziz 19 and their key takeaways, so everything you'd want to know is on one place!

Unisport said:

  • The Nemeziz 19 is super tight, go up half a size
  • Very thin upper, feel everything on ball
  • Consider the 19.1 over the 19+
  • Collar is best high cut fit execution
  • No real performance benefit from split outsole
  • 19+ lock down is worse than Nemeziz 18+
  • Pressure from the bands can be uncomfortable

Power and Precision:

  • 19+ laceless upper provides close to ball feel
  • They are tight fitting and responsive
  • Need some breaking in time
  • Fit tighter in midfoot than Nemeziz 18
  • Biggest difference to 18 is outsole
  • The soleplate flexes naturally with your foot
  • Really hard to get on, but good lockdown

Your Nemeziz 19 Questions Answered

What size Nemeziz 19 do I get?

Only those who want a very tight fit should go true to size, otherwise go half a size up.

Will the Nemeziz suit my wide feet?

Yes, these are one of the better suited adidas boots for wide feet, going half a size up will help with this too.

Can you Get the Nemeziz in kids? What sizes are available?

Yes you can get children's versions of the Nemeziz in the elite 19+ and 19.1 versions, with similar materials to the adults boot, they are available at cheaper prices as well with 19.2, 19.3 and 19.4 options.

Can I wear the Nemeziz on 3g/astro/turf...?

Book a consultation or download our boot buying guide for more information on which is right for you, as there are FG, AG, SG, TF and IC sole options.

Do they have a knitted upper?

No, they upper of the Nemeziz is made from four layers of tape (three on the 19.1) with a silicone coating applied to the toe box area.

How are they different to it's predecessor, the Nemeziz 18?

Construction wise the boot is similar with the tape design, but the standout difference is the split soleplate. Lockdown is also improved on the 19+ with an internal tape band like a seatbelt for the foot.

Will the Nemeziz soleplate flake off?

On the 19+ the chrome will wear off over time, whilst the 19.1 will maintain it's colour as it lacks the chrome finish.

What's the difference between the Nemeziz 19+ and the Nemeziz 19.1?

The 19+ has four layes of tape, to the 19.1s three, that is because the 19.1 has laces which improve fit and lockdown, to combat that the 19+ has an internal strap that the 19.1 does not. The soleplate is also chrome on the Elite, but not on the 19.1 and finally price, with th NEMEZIZ19+ costing £50 more than the 19.1

Are they comfortable?

It takes a while to break these in and some may still feel pressure from the tape of the boot, but most will find these comfortable once broken in properly.

Who are the Nemeziz designed for?

Made for Messi, Isco, Lingard & Firmino, adidas focus the Nemeziz on agile players, they are ideal for big name wingers and you!

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