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Mercurial Dream Speed 005 Review

#005 Barely Green/Electric Purple/Aurora Green/Volt

  1. Created to the exact specifications of Cristinao Ronaldo
  2. Headlined by CR7 and Mbappe but continues the trend started in MDS003 of involving a select group of players as representatives
  3. Second Dream Speed in the Superfly 8 and Vapor 14 (follows the same tech specs)
  4. Available in Elite FG as well as Academy MG and TF (Pro FG and Academy MG, TF, and IC for Kids; Superfly only)
  5. Graphics design based on CR7's yoga and calm mental state; includes spiral and colour-transition visuals to reflect the power of a positive aura
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Expert Dream Speed Reviews:

Summary points:

  • Design taking inspiration from CR7s meditation and positive mindset may sound cheesy on paper, but timing is perfect to bring up mental health
  • The looks may encourage you to thing about the importance of being calm with who you are
  • Thinks the Superfly V-like big Swoosh outline with inner solid swoosh is pretty cool, making the boot look different and fresh
  • As a Mercurial, the MDS005 is responsive both in terms of pushing off and touching the ball
  • Looking back at the MDS history, MDS005 adds quickness and sharpness of the mind and the power of positivity to the narrative of pace and speed; likes Nike's attempt to always bring something new for the series

Your Mercurial Dream Speed #005 Options:

Answering Your Mercurial Dream Speed Questions

#004 - White/Metallic Silver/Pure Platinum & #003 White/Black

The blistering speed of a NASA rocket reentering earth informs the red-to-yellow hue design of MDS 004

  1. MDS003 design is a melange of CR7's signature colourway hits including the Safari, Gala Glimmer, Out of this World, CR7 Vapor Superfly III, and MDS001, plus the tire tracks from Ronaldo's Buggati commercial
  2. The original MDS-exclusive players, Ronaldo, Mbappe, and Kerr, all have chosen the Superfly, while the football's rising stars like Haaland (at least for the MDS003), Fernandes, Fati, and Vinicius Jr. have opted for the Vapor; first and second MDS boots to feature said player setup
  3. Comes in with AG, SG, MG, TF, and IC models (with varying takedown availability)
  4. MDS003 based on the tech and build of the Mercurial Superfly 7 and Vapor 13
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Expert Dream Speed Reviews:

  • Describes the spacey design as rather spectacular
  • Finds it a little bit funny that Nike's take on a signature boot is more for a team rather than a particular player
  • People who likes to buy the boot because of the design have to live with it as a collared, Superfly soccer cleat
  • Immediate reaction was that the boots look cool and the inspiration story is nice, but lacks the WOW factor compared to the MDS003
  • Likes the 360 degrees gradient design

This is what Unisport and SR4U had to say in their video reviews:

Unisport said:

  • Really cool-looking boots
  • Like that the Superfly V-like toe swoosh, a Ronaldo favourite, has been removed; and with a lateral swoosh now incorporated, it possibly reinforces the concept that the MDS003 can now be everyone's boot
  • Swooshes are a bit stiffer
  • People are going to be happy that Elite model is available in AG model
  • Best looking MDS so far

SR4U said:

  • Nice in person with lots of little cool details
  • Does not have a wearable finish unlike some colourway releases
  • You'd be much better off with the Vapors instead of the Superfly in terms of the design's and base colour longevity; still might have difficulty keeping the boot's clean as is the case with any white football boots
  • Swooshes are made of a slightly different material
  • On-feet a very good looking pair; black and white executed perfectly

Answering Your Mercurial Dream Speed Questions

#002 - Lemon Venom & #001 - Blue Void

The Mercurial Dreamspeed comes in a range of options with one to suit everyone and their game:

  1. Elite, Pro, Academy and Club options ranging in quality and price
  2. FG (Firm Ground), AG (Artificial Grass), IN (Indoor) and TF (turf) for all pitches
  3. Adults and kids Elite and Academy versions in a variety of sizes
  4. Mercurial Superfly 7 and Vapor 13 with or without the sock collar as you wish
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Expert Dream Speed Review:

Our review is of the Elite Superfly and Vapor models and we discuss the differences between these, the Elite, Pro, Academy and Club versions, the Adults and Kids (Jr.) as well as the variety of soles for different pitches.

  • Good lockdown thanks to with a soft, plyable upper with a tight fit
  • You can comfortably go true to size with MDS
  • Something a bit with reflective logos and laces
  • Slightly longer studs than on the Superfly 6
  • As worn by Cristinao Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe & Sam Kerr
  • Only difference between Superfly & Vapor 13 is the sock collar
  • Those with wide feet may need a half size up
  • Unlike standard Superfly 7, boot includes ACC logos
  • Aerotrak soleplate designed to add spring, gets stiffer as bent
  • Has a traditional Mercurial fit & feel like a Vapor XI or Superfly V

Answering Your Mercurial Dream Speed Questions

What size MDS should I pick?

For most boots in the Mercurial Dream Speed range and most players, you are wanting to go for true to size, only if you have really wide feet would you consider a half a size up.

Does the MDS 001 suit wide feet?

Not really, you'll have to go half a size up to accomodate them, whilst you might the look of the boots, they aren't going to fit you as well as some other options on the market, for good boots you have to take fit over looks.

Is the MDS 001 available in Children's sizes?

Yes the entire Mercurial Dream Speed line has kids options, look for the Jr. models, you can get Elite Superfly if you want a pro option, or look to the academy and club options, for the Ronaldo and Mbappe look without the price tag!

Does the Dream Speed have a sock collar?

That'll be up to you, as you can pick the Superfly variants if you want the dynamic fit sock collar, or the Vapor version which are just the same, just lacking that bit of material and a slightly cheaper price too, so go with what you prefer.

Can I wear these on Muddy Pitches, 3G or Turf?

It doesn't seem a soft ground option has been released as yet, but you can use them on 3G/4G with the AG-PRo soleplate and on grass with the standard FG, there are also turf specific options and indoor too.

Who's wears the Mercurial Dream Speed?

Created to Cristiano Ronaldo's specifications like his previous signature editions, these are also worn by Kylian Mbappe and Sam Kerr, as were the LVL up release earlier in 2019.

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