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Puma Future Z Teaser

Puma get Neymar to reveal the latest Future football boots, with their Future Z teaser to be seen exclusively on his feet! After teasing us with different boots in training and starting with the King at Puma, NJR has got serious and moved into one of Puma's key boots and is the headline player for 2021.

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So what's in store for fans of the Puma Future? Well, for starters, the Future Z 1.1 has an evoKNIT Pro base layer for the upper and some amount of internal cushioning. So you can expect that the new Future model will have that same level of knitted comfort that made the previous generation one of the best boot on that regard. However, this is where the similarity ends, with the Future Z 1.1 coming out with a whole lot of new structural build and technologies.

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