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Rise Pack Boots

Puma's latest pack 'Rise' is now out in the market, wrapping their Future and One lines in bright and light colours that are eye-catching. This could have been Puma's entry to the Euro 2020 alongside Nike's Neighbourhood and adidas' Uniforia had everything proceeded as planned. Nonetheless, with the impending return of Europe's top domestic leagues, expect Puma's Rise boots to make their on-pitch presence felt soon.

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puma Boots in Rise Pack Pack:

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The Rise pack is an evolution of Puma's 'Tricks' releases where their previous EVO lines had different colours for the left and right boots. This time though, Puma's current lines of Future and One feature a split-colourway design that see both left and right boots sport peach on the outer side and yellow on the inner side.

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Rise Pack Boots