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Puma Future Flash

For those looking for something new about the Future, Puma indeed has some changes to share. From the energetic orange of the 19.1 and the timeless grey of 4.1, the Future 5.1 now go with an icy cool blue colourway. And while the 19.1 and 4.1 had a 3D Havoc toe box for maximum striking power, the toe box of the 5.1 instead is fully knitted applied with just a right amount of thin silicon coating called Grip Control Layer. This makes boot drastically softer and comfortable compared to the previous Futures but still retains a sense of durability.

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The Future 4.1 was released just a few months after the 19.1 and Puma has pushed forward with innovating the Future line once again within the same time-frame by launching the Future Flash Pack. While the latest release is labelled to be a Pack, this collection only includes the latest iteration of the Future boots that will be called Future 5.1.

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