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Faster Forward Pack

The Ultra continues to evolve while the Future brings in a cool colourway in Puma's Faster Forward pack, aptly named as it jives with the brand's successful push towards football boot relevance. The collection is also great for players whose football story is always about looking further ahead and pressing forward towards the goal.

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Puma Boots in Faster Forward Pack:

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The ever-comfortable Future Z from Faster Forward shows different tones of blue from its Fuzionfit midfoot band, Evoknit collar, Dynamic Motion System soleplate, and Grip Control Pro upper coating, the latter shining with a bit of a gloss effect. The boot expresses the pack's concept through the visible white symbolic Puma Cats on the forefoot and rear, plus the medial side's red abstract diagonal stripes resembling explosive acceleration. The Neymar-headlined silo also comes in with an updated texturing to drive defenders crazier than ever.

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Faster Forward Boots