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Puma Eclipse Pack

Puma follows up their bright start of the year by launching another instalment of the Puma Eclipse Pack. From their bright yellowish flair in the Spark Pack, the current generation of Future and One go all-in with stealth mode and will make an eclipse visible not just above the sky but also in the football pitch.

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Puma Boots in Puma Eclipse 2020 Pack:

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This latest 2020 iteration of the Eclipse pack goes even darker than the previous Eclipse packs and the Future 5.1 and One 20.1 in this release use varying shades of black to differentiate their parts.

The Future 5.1 in this Eclipse pack has a silverish hue on its soleplate with black spots on the forefoot to retain the Puma like appearance that might have been toned down in the upper. The Puma logos are still visible on the inner toe box and heel panel thanks to their sparkling silverfish grey colour. The ‘Future’ branding at the back of the collar is very much readable due to the application of a lighter shade of black on the font.

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