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Design Your Own Phantom VSN

NikeID for the Phantom VSN, lets you create all many of colours combinations for your own special edition boots, you can pair base colours of blue, red, white, grey and black with more standout our swoosh and accent colours, that can tie in with your choice of soleplate between firm ground, artifical grass or soft ground anti-clog.

Make my Phantom VSN now

The Phantom Vision can be customised in the Elite and Academy adult sizes as well as the kid's Academy VSN option, the collar can change into black, volt, grey and turquoise that you can pair with the Nike brand elements, or mix up as you wish.

For your Vision you can use a variety of Nike Swoosh colours, with bold white, gold and black options, as well as stand out volt, how much your boots stand out or blend in is up to you. The options on the kids and academy pairs are virtually the same as the Elite preset as the you have the same options with colour and iD for a child's or academy custom vision.

Can you Get Phantom Vision Academy NikeID?

Yes! There is a VSN option in NikeID, both in kids and adults they are just using cheaper materials than the Elite version, they do though still have a lace cover for ghost laces, but the upper itself is not as quality, the colour options to customise are though the same. With the Academy pairs you do get the mixed ground soleplate over the firm ground elite.

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