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Tiempo - How To Make Your Own

Using NIKEID you can customise and create your very own Tiempo using an array of colours, branding, iD and traction options. For the Tiempo unfortunately there is just one version available to customise and that is the Academy version, this also them limits your soleplate options to just FG for firm ground or AG for articial, hopefully at some point Nike will bring in the options for the PRO version if not the Elite as the quality of the upper is far superior.

I want to make my Tiempo now

NIKEID Tiempo preset options for you are as follows, they allow you to decorate the Tiempo with colour options; blue, white, black and aqua being available, this are limited due to the leather colour options.

Can you Get Kids NikeID Tiempo?

Yes! There is a children's Tiempo available using the Academy version which is much cheaper than the Elite versions, using cheaper leather for the front, this gives you more colour options and is the same as the academy Tiempo VII boot.

There is more variety when it comes to the Heel, Swoosh colour, Swoosh border and laces compared to the front leather aspect of the Tiempo, the Academy NIKEID Tiempo preset does allow you to decorate the Legend with a variety of colours with black, white, grey, blue, red, green and orange available.

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