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Are Superfly 6 Elite For You?

So NIKE changed they way they name their boots, which makes things a bit confusing with the Superfly VI, but the GOOD NEWS is we can explain which are the best ones for you. If you know what you want or don't yet, we'll help you get the absolute best deal and improve you boot game.

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Superfly VI Elite Reviews

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We got our hands on a pair early to be able to tell you all about the latest 2018 Superfly from Nike, will it suit you, which version is best for your game and what boots should you be considering instead if not, find out if the Supefly VI Elite is right for your football

Exclusive Nike Mercurial Launch!

We show you what it is like to attend a launch event and all about how Nike revealed their new Mercurial

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Looking at the Mercurial Superfly 6?... want to know which is right for you?.. Elite, Pro, Academy, Club whether you want some help, would like to know if Mercurial or some other boots are right for you, or just get the best deal on a new pair from a website you can trust, then we can help you get your next Nike.

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Check out some of the awesome pictures of various versions of the boots that are available, get help with your next pair here

The common theme of the Mercurial Superfly is to offer players a lightweight, responsive & overall fast feeling boot when laced-up and strapped-in. Nike's Mercurial Superfly has seen many innovative technologies incorporated within its construction.

In 2014, Nike added a Dynamic Fit Collar onto the Superfly IV which has become a mainstay for the silo and has seen many other brands take inspiration from the mid-cut silhouette. The launch of the Superfly 6 saw the height of the collar drop lower, as popularised by Cristiano Ronaldo in his own versions.

Originally launched in 2009, Nike added the highly popular Mercurial Superfly to compliment its Mercurial Vapor counterpart. Nike usually update the Superfly silo every two years to coincide with the FIFA World Cup and European Championships.

History of the Mercurial Superfly

  • Mercurial Superfly VI (2018)
  • Mercurial Superfly V (2016)
  • Mercurial Superfly IV (2014)
  • Mercurial Superfly III (2011)
  • Mercurial Superfly II (2010)
  • Mercurial Superfly (2009)

Your Questions on the Superfly Answered

How much does the Superfly VI weigh? - 191 grams or 6.7oz

Can you Get the Superfly 360 in kids? What sizes are available? - Yes you can get children's versions of the Superfly 360, kids superfly is UK 4 to 5.5 and adult sizes ar available in UK6 all the way to up to UK11, US12 including half sizes.

What colours can I get? - Currently available in two colours with more releases scheduled, book a chat with us to figure out what will be best for you and when it could be out:

  • Total Orange/Black/Volt (Fast By Nature) AH7365-810
  • Black/Total Orange (Fast AF) AH7365-810

Who are the Mercurial Superfly designed for? - Nike designed the Mercurial for the explosive player, a player like Cristiano Ronaldo who uses their pace, unpredictability and speed and to get past the opposition, they have a need for speed.

Does the Superfly have a sock collar? - Yes, this is the only difference between the Superfly 360 and the Vapor XII, the Supefly has a Dynamic Fit Collar, that covers your ankle, designed to be an extension of the boot, to make your leg and boot feel like one. This collar is shorter than on previous Superfly, similar to the custom collar preferred by CR7.

Will the Mercurial soleplate flake off? - Yes Nike do say that the chrome color on the outsole will wear off over time, how quickly and badly depends on whether you play on soft, wet pitches or dry hard pitches, very dry or artifical pitches will be worst.

Can I wear these on grass/mud/3g/turf...? - Yes you can, there are different versions for diferrent pitches, book a consultation with us and we can help you work out which is best for you between Superfly FG, AG, SG or Anti-clog.

Does the Superfly VI have flywire? - No, suprisingly Nike decided not to use FlyWire with the Superfly 360, this was a popular feature on the Supefly V and some players may notice a little less lockdown because of this. Many players will find that this does mean the Superfly VI are that little bit more comfortable to wear than previous Mercurial.

What is the Upper of the Superfly - It made from one piece of flyknit to make it very flexible and feel like a second skin. This flyknit is then treated with NikeSkin, an ultra thin polyurethane coating combined with performance mesh topped with Nike's ACC (all conditions control) treatment. On the forefoot a microtexture has been added to improve grip on the ball.