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Nike React Gato Review

Futsal players have another gear to enhance their game with the Nike React Gato. Conceptualised from the studies done by the Nike Sports Research Lab, the Nike React Gato significantly complements what is happening underfoot while making sure the upper is also provided attention through its three innovative technologies-the Nike 360 Touch, the Nike Flyknit, and the Nike React.

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Fustal Reimagined

The most high tech indoor football shoes yet from Nike

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A disruption of indoor and futsal shoes, with responsive cushioning, flykit upper and react sole

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The React Gato is Nike's latest innovation for the small side game, bringing their latest technologies to 5-a-side and Futsal with Nike Flyknit and React used on the shoe.

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The React's Touch 360 tooling on the outsole pertains to the large molecule-like touch pods that become pressed against the underfoot upon trapping the ball, making it possible for the wearer to instinctively know where the ball is and reducing the need to always look down to visually confirm ball control. Surrounding the touch pods is a treaded pattern while the lower half of the outsole has a texture like that of the Tiempo Legend 8. This overall outsole design allows for powerful multi-directional runs and cuts.

In addition to the Touch 360 touch pods, the React Gato also employs a full length React Foam cushioning foam which is soft and lightweight enough to deliver comfort but also hard enough to provide energy return to boost sprint pace.

Lastly, the Flyknit upper contains a raised pattern texture on the toe box stretching to the vamp area which also provides a good feel on the ball. The quarter shows some curve indents coming from a Touch 360 touch pod symbol, giving emphasis that the said technology is central to this boot. The toe cap is added to enable quick punt strikes to the goal.