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Nike Black Lux Boots

Ian Ebbs

A Black Gold pack from Nike dropped at the start of 2019, with the Hypervenom conspicuous by one’s absence. The reason for this is that the lifespan of the current Hypervenom III has come to it’s end (you could consider the Game Of Gold Phantom III would fit in with his pack nicely) and Nike have decided to bring out a new Venom that fits with the Phantom Vision as the Vapor does with the Superfly in the Mercurial line.

This means eventually we should see a Phantom VNM that will slot back into this Black Lux pack that appears on the Mercurial, Phantom and Tiempo lines, with Elite as well as Pro, Club and Academy options available.

In what is in essence a black out pack, with hints of gold only on the branding, some subtle and classy boots have emerged, the pass pad on the Phantom VSN is blacked out, with only the gold swooshes on either sides and the Nike product text in gold writing, the boots are finished off with gold tips studs. The class oozes onto the all black leather Tiempo, with gold swoosh details over the flyknit at the heel, for the classiest Tiempo Legend yet.

The Vapor and Superfly in the Mercurial line are almost identical, save for the Superfly’s extra collar. Both boots have the gold Nike swooshes over the toes and a secondary Nike logo on the inside of the boot as well as the gold M Mercurial logo at the heel, each boot has a eye-catching gold sockliner as do the Tiempo and Phantom boots.


Ian Ebbs

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