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NB Furon v6 Boots

Debuting in 2015, the Furon Pro has never really established a strong position in the boot market but the latest generation is by far the highest performing boot so far, represented on pitch by Sadio Mane, are they better value than Nike's Mercurial or adidas' X? We can tell you everything you need to know about the Furon Pro!

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Available in Three Levels

Designed for Five Pitch Types

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Furon Boot Versions

Pro ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Furon V6+ Pro is top-end knitted football boot option not named Nike or adidas. Its Fit Weave upper has a breathable feel and has a Hyrdoskin coating for a bit of a grip. This is the exact type of boots worn by Raheem Sterling, Sadio Mane, and Harvey Elliott. A dense pattern appears on the toe box and fades toward the sides of the shoe, all providing enought structural supprt. A lightweight nylon plate and aggressive chevron stud configuration further gives credence to the Furon V6+ as a viable speed boot option. As a New Balance boot, the Furon has two options: standard and wide.

Destroy ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Furon V6+ Destroy is the equivalent of the Nike Pro or adidas and Puma .2 boots. It changes the upper to a lightweight mesh-based construction and opts for a durable TPU outsole. Per New Balance, the Furon Destroy is tight-fitting and going one size up is recommended.

Dispatch ⭐⭐⭐

The Furon Dispatch is the budget option for the New Balance silo. It uses a cheaper PU material on the vamp to bring down the cost, but other than that you still get the minimalist TPU plate that has cutout structures to limit weight and a textile collar to stretch out the opening when wearing them in. Dispatch Furons are only available in standard option.

Types For Different Pitches

Grass – FG (Firm Ground)

New Balance's Furon silo has a lightweight nylon outsole that houses a chevron stud configuration for aggressive traction. Not to the level of Nike's Aerotrak or adidas Carbitex Speedframe, but at the very least their is a decent responsive forefoot snap which is expected from today's speed boots.

Muddy – SG (Soft Ground)

Furon SG is available in Pro and Destroy levels. Other than incorporating metallic studs, the SG Furon does not change much to its base material and still has the lightweight nylon plate for the Pro and TPU outsole for Destroy. The Pro, however, supports the metallic soft ground studs with moulded conicals.

3G/4G/5G – AG (Artificial Ground)

Furon AG is available in Destroy level. Its lightweight TPU plate supports interconnected hallowed conical studs that is abrasive-resistant and distributes stud pressure evenly. It can be used in different synthetic pitch generations, and could also be used in FG (though traction will be less than the designated FG Furon).

Turf – TF

The Furon TF is available in Dispatch level, and so can be considered as a budget buy as a turf boot. The PU-based Dispatch upper is attached to a lugged rubber outsole that bites well in shallow 1G astro-turf pitches. Consider the Furon TF Dispatch as an option if you prefer synthetic turf boots.

New Balance's Furon Pro is focused on speed and is very lightweight but remains comfortable and responsive through the use of it's mesh tongue and upper and aggressive TPU/nylon soleplate, an improvement from previous generations.

A narrow fitting cleat option, the Furon Pro could be your answer to your boot choice woes as it's cheaper and more affordable than Nike's Mercurial and adidas X boots.

This indepth report was written by Ian Ebbs, founder of in 2010. He supports Blackburn Rovers, is President of a 1,000 member football club, a central midfielder he plays twice a week and coaches Junior teams.

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