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Rebula Cup Boots

A modern interpretation of a Mizuno classic, the Rebula offers a supremely comfortable fit and large ball striking zone but are they perfect for you? We can help you decide if the Rebula is a boot you should cop or a boot you should drop.

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Mizuno Rebula Packs

Next Generation
Mizuno Ignition Red
Mizuno Cyber

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Rebula Boot Versions

Made in Japan ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Rebula Cup MIJ is comparable to the likes of Nike Tiempo and adidas Copa Sense. Memory foam inserts dominate the toe box and the medial side to dampen touch on the ball, while the base material of the upper has a k-leather forefoot-synthetic midfoot divide similar to that of the Copa Sense. An FT Grip Coating functions well in ball grip, second perhaps to the Zone Skin of the adidas Predator. A lightweight boot despite its bulky look.

Types For Different Pitches

Grass – FG (Firm Ground)

The FG tooling of the Rebula Cup features a D-Flex groove structure that provides one of the most natural range of flexibility, not just about in the forefoot direction but more importantly in lateral twisting that happens when changing direction. This is made possible by the stiffener bar being pushed towards the lateral side, leaving the medial side more flexible (mirroring actual bone structure of the feet). Studs are mostly conicals and ellipticals. The configuration right under the ball of the feet along the medial side provides a stable point when rotating or pushing off the ground.

The Rebula features an internal stabilising feature dubbed CT Frame and it structures the entire K-leather material which means no stitching at all throughout the upper so it will last longer than your typical leather football boot.

Equipped with a D-Flex Groove on the soleplate it's engineered to allow the player to change direction at speed and power while large stabiliser studs enhance stability on the pitch.

This indepth report was written by Ian Ebbs, founder of in 2010. He supports Blackburn Rovers, is President of a 1,000 member football club, a central midfielder he plays twice a week and coaches Junior teams.