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Mizuno Drops Black Ignition Red Alpha Boots

Following the pure speed of the white launch colourway to the greenish blue oasis of the Azure Blue World Cup Pack, Mizuno now drops its first black edition of the Alpha speed boots. Its essentially the dark mode of the debut pack, reversing the colours of the base and the Runbird but maintaining the logo’s tinge of red. And just like the white one not necessarily clear-cut immaculate or pristine, the ‘Black/Ignition Red’ Alpha moves away from being pitch black to give it some more edge than your regular black football boots.

Black Ignition Red 2023

Like a nighttime finally revealing a city’s bustling after hours, this Black Alpha reveals more iridescence than what can initially be seen on the OG colourway. The soleplate is perhaps the only part where there is a clean application of black, which does a good job in making the red KaRVO board and turquoise inner board structure more visible.

So once you step on the pitches during a sunny day or at night under the spotlights, you have a boot that will shimmer nicely with you as your performance shine above the rest.

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