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Billy Gilmour's Boots

Billy Gilmour is currently on loan at Premier League Norwich City. He is a tenacious midfielder who protects the ball well with his body despite his relatively small frame. Gilmour is also fearless in making tackles and interceptions and is intelligent with his passing and movement.

What is Gilmour Wearing?

He started his football career in the Rangers academy. His fast development saw him inch closer towards a first-team position, though in 2017 decided to join a bigger club in the form of Chelsea. An FA Youth Cup win and several Man of the Match performances are now part of his career highlights. Gilmour put in an impressive display in the midfield in Chelsea's win against Liverpool during the fifth round of the 2019/2020 FA Cup, producing a disciplined performance and even winning duels against the likes of Fabinho and Alexander-Arnold.

During his first few years with Chelsea, Gilmour wore the Nemeziz 18 and 19, before switching to the laced Predator 20, which he was wearing in the Liverpool match. He is now on the new-gen Predator Freak .1, and his boot preference states everything you need to know about his style of play-bold, aggressive, and determined.

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