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Eric Dier's Boots

Eric Dier is a versatile player who can play as a midfielder and a centre back. His aggressive and tenacious style of play suits well his imposing figure. He makes up for his lack of speed with intelligent positioning and movement, a skill he might have developed after playing in both Portuguese and English top flight.

What is Dier Wearing?

His first few years in the first-team career saw him wear the Umbro Speciali that featured a comfortable premium leather forefoot and a structural midfoot. He then moved on to Nike with the Magista Opus boots, allowing him to experience an adaptive fit with their Nikeskin mesh and an optimal ball touch with the textured Kangalite cage.

When the Phantoms took over, Dier opted for the VNMs whose strike fins gave him more power and precision with his strikes. He continues to be a Phantom player and now wears the low-cut Phantom GTs, consistent with his preference for playing with low-cut boots.

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