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Alphonso Davies's Boots

Alphonso Davies is one of the young stars today expected to dominate in the long run. He plays primarily on the left flank and has a combination of raw speed, athleticism, and creativity, allowing him a burst of pace and quick dribbles. Davies covers a lot of ground in just a few seconds, allowing his team to have a high defensive line and pressure opponents on their half.

What's Davies Wearing?

He benefits from having the Nike Phantom GT boots that feature a soft and pliable Flyknit upper and a flexible Hyperquick soleplate. The soft upper allows the boot to move well with his foot movements while the Hyperquick tooling has a lateral bar that stabilises his side-to-side movements. The micro texturing offered by the Generative Texture allows him to grip and control the ball well, on top of his already remarkable dribbling and crossing skills.

He has also worn the Mercurial Vapor 13s during the treble-winning 2019-2020 season, sporting the boots' various colourways like the bright sky blue New Lights, the shiny silver Neighbourhood, and the vibrant Daybreak. Wearing the Mercurials fits his pacey style of play, which enabled him to win the 2019-2020 Bundesliga Rookie of the Year and the fastest speed clocked in Germany's top domestic league at 36.51 kilometres per hour (22.69 mph), helped by the Vapor's very responsive Aerotrak spine that provides an energy return sensation.

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