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Cheap Tiempo Boots

The Nike Tiempo Legend, now on its 9th generation, is one of the longest-serving leather silos in the football boot industry. It has the biggest names of superstar defenders to headline it such as Virgil Van Dijk and Gerard Pique. The leather boot is the cheapest among the Swoosh brand's roster of Elite boots. But for those who are not looking to spend as much, we have here some information about the cheaper takedown models that can help you see their worth for yourself.

Go straight to the low-priced Tiempo boots here. The Elite Tiempo prides itself with the use of a premium K-leather material for the upper. The current generation further improves the touch-enhancing properties by adding soft memory foam pads across the upper. In addition to a comfortable inner liner, the tongue is made of a mesh material. The current Tiempo is also the lightest Tiempo to date, and much of it has something to do with the reengineered Hyperstability soleplate.

Usually, the cheaper models of a silo would have a significant departure from the quality set by the top-tier boot. This is not the case for the Tiempo, and its budget options stand out in replicating much of the Elite boot experience using cheaper materials.

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Cheap Tiempo Boot Options

1. Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Academy MG

Calfskin-based rather than the K-leather of the Elite

2. Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Club MG

Uses synthetic leather; more about academy vs club later

Academy vs Club

The Academy and Club are your cheap options for the Tiempo. The Academy Tiempo is highly regarded on how it feels similar to its parent Elite boot considering the significant price cut of the Academy level. The soft premium leather (presumably calfskin) may not be as soft as the K-leather, but it still delivers the familiar padded touch on the ball and the supple feeling around the foot. The only change that makes the Academy feel cheap is the mesh liner that has issues with durability.

3. Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Academy SG-Pro AC

Calfskin leathered boot with Nike's Anti Clog technology and soft ground stud configuration

4. Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Academy TF

Lightest Tiempo ever made for the shallow, carpet-like artifical surface

5. Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Academy IC

Enjoy the benefits of Calfskin on a futsal ground

6. Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Club IC

A responsive synthetic leather boot on a futsal ground

The Club is the go-to for the cheapest possible Tiempo. The synthetic leather does require some break-in time, and arguably makes the case that the Club Tiempo is where one can feel the downgrades for the sake of a cheaper price.

7. Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Club TF

Responsive synthetic leather boot for the shallow, carpet-like artifical surface

The Academy boots of the other silos already edge out their Club counterparts, but the gap is more pronounced in the Tiempo silo. Save up if possible to go for the Academy Tiempo as it is genuinely an affordable option to experience what is there to come from high-end leather boots. The Tiempo Club can serve its purpose though for young players as it is more protective due to its thicker and synthetic leather build.