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Cheap Phantom GT Boots

Fans of Mason Mount, Kevin de Bruyne, Harry Kane, and Jack Grealish may have noticed that their boots have a heavily-textured upper with a knitted base and an open-arched soleplate. Especially in the case of the first two stars, their boots also have a knitted collar, bearing semblance to the case of the Superfly and Vapor for the Mercurial.

The boots they are wearing are the Phantom GT 2 that features the Generative Texture technology for enhance ball grip during dribbles and an angled lacing system for a wider striking surface. The Phantom GT 2 also has Nike's premium knitted material called Flyknit that makes the boot feel sock-like when worn. The open-arched Hyperquick soleplate gives a significant amount of twist to assist you in your turns and pivots.

Like the Mercurials, the Phantom GT has a DF-collared model and a low-cut variant. The availability of both variants changes depending on the soleplate types. Click here to go straight to the low-priced Phantom GTs.

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Cheap Phantom GT Boot Options

1. Nike Phantom GT 2 DF Academy MG

Made more responsive because of the synthetic upper and carries the Generative Texture in a toned-down form; has a neoprene sock collar

2. Nike Phantom GT 2 Low Academy MG

Low-cut with a standard tongue construction

3. Nike Phantom GT 2 DF Club MG

Also available in a low-cut model

Academy vs Club

The Academy and Club are your cheap options for the Phantom GT. The former is the takedown model where you see a significant change in material and execution relative to the Elite, while the latter acts as the entry-level boot. For starters, the Academy has a synthetic upper that needs some break-in period for it to soften up around the foot. The Generative Texture is still there but is noticeably reduced in intensity. The soleplate does feel solid for the price range and contains a little bit of the twist that you can get from the Elite Hyperquick soleplate. Academy is usually bought by casual adult players or first-timers who would like to start getting accustomed to football boots.

4. Nike Phantom GT 2 Low Academy SG-Pro AC

Phantom soft ground boots available only in low-cut model

5. Nike Phantom GT 2 DF Academy IC

Also available in a low-cut model

6. Nike Phantom GT 2 DF Academy TF

Also available in a low-cut model

7. Nike Phantom GT 2 DF Club TF

Also available in a low-cut model

The Club is the go-to for the cheapest possible Phantom GT. The Generative Texture in this case is more of a dimpled texturing. The trophy synthetic is built thicker, meaning it may not necessarily be comfortable but is sure to be more protective from getting stepped on. Another good point about the Club is that it feels more durable and can surely take the beating away from your foot. Consider these for youth players.

8. Nike Phantom GT 2 Low Club IC

Not available in DF sock model

Best Cheap Phantom GT

As always, the Academy is the choice here if you are wondering whether to go for the Academy or the Club. The Academy's upper is stiff to begin with, but a few break-in sessions should make the synthetic upper more pliable eventually. You also still get a bit of the Generative Texture wherein the Club feels like the dimpled texturing was added just for the sake of texturing. The heel liner also feels better because of the smooth synthetic leather rather than the padded mesh on the club. Simply consider the club for a durable boot for the young ones or if you are simply after getting the cheapest boot possible.