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adidas Whitespark Pack

Right on the heels of the Numbersup and UCL boots comes the adidas Whitespark Pack, a football boot collection from the Striped brand consisting of all silos in its current lineup. That means both the laced and laceless models of its leather, control, and speed offerings form part of this release. The colourway represents the purity of football intellect expressed in the intensity of play.

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The running colour theme for the Whitespark Pack is a combination of white, grey, and red. The Predator Freak, for its part, showcases a dark tone of grey on its two-piece collar-tongue and adidas stripes, a white splash on the Primeknit upper itself designed with reptile skin-like visual cracks, and a light grey application for the Demonskin elements. The border and Predator branding on the opening glow with a shade of scarlet red. The rear plate of the Controlframe displays a deeper tone of red and a wearable finish. Completing the look is the translucent forefoot frame on the outsole.

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