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White adidas Virtuso

New white boots for Paul Pogba, Salah, Isco, Lionel Messi and Paulo Dybala each with a white base combined with different splashes of colour added to each silo; Nemeziz with dust pink, Predator with blue, Copa 19 with green and X18 combined with yellow.

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Predator takes on a blue tone, with speckles of blue through the primeknit collar and blue adidas three stripes boldly standing out on the side, with additional details around the strike zones on the forefoot of the Pred, both the 19+ and 19.1 have the speckles continue across the soleplate with touch of blue also used on the stud tips and Boost branding, Alli, Ozil, Pogba and more will wear these Virtuso Predators.

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