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Uniforia Pack Boots

The 'Unity' of teams; the 'Euphoria' of goals. The upcoming Euro tournament would linking these football ideals into one through the with the adidas 'Uniforia' official match ball. But now Euro 2020 will take place in 2021, the boots are ready, the players want to play so when they are back in action on the pitch they'll wear these boots inspired by the colours of the Uniforia match ball.

Just like the official match ball, the 'Uniforia' boots display a skin of white abstractly designed with multi-coloured brushstrokes and an unmistakable black Adidas stripes. The colourway starts with white on the collar and gradually transitions to a fusion of colours with the rest of the cleats. What's more, the artistry extends to the soleplates, ensuring every part of the boots reflects the colourful details of the next Euro trophy.

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The Predator, while nonetheless retains its aggressive look, radiates with a lighter feel as its 'Demonskin' is filled with rose red and chartreuse green shadings, with the same gradients making up the brush strokes that cover the toe box plus the medial and lateral sides of the boots. The transparent front soleplate enables visibility of the said prints on the forefoot part of the outsole. The Predator Uniforia's design is punctuated by the iridescent finish on the rear plate.

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Uniforia Pack Boots

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