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Blue Predator Mutator

Being blue has never been happier as adidas has recently released the Tormentor Pack, consisting of Predator 20+, Predator 20.1, Predator 20.1 low, and the 2020 remake of the Japan Blue Predator Mania. From the awe-inspiring black and red makeup of the Mutator Pack version, adidas has now introduced us to a mesmerising combination of blue, red, and white colourway for the latest parade of Predator boots.

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Enthusiasts of the 2002 Japan Blue Predator Mania will certainly feel nostalgic with the 2020 remake the basis of the Predator Tormentor pack. The only detail missing from the 02 Japan, is the heel counter, which has been switched from blue to red. The new 2020 Mutator split sole design, works perfectly with the three white stripes, as it did with the original Mania back in 2002, these were limited originally to a Japan release and whilst they are again limited, this time anybody round the world can get their hands on a pair.

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