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Showdown Pack

2022 Champions League Final & Women's Euro 2022 bring in the adidas Showdown pack, delivering a colourway inspired by a classic to the top boots from the brand. These follow the current trend of adidas boots getting inspiration from past releases like the Unite Football and the Solar Pink LZs, Messi's Mi Historia and the 2014 Solar Gold Adizeroes, and the Predator Edge inspired by the Lethal Zones. The first time we are likely to see them on pitch is on the feet of Benzema, Salah and Jota in the 2022 UCL Finals between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

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The classic referred to is the Champagne Predator Mania. Already one of the best Predators ever, the Mania's status goes to new heights when you consider the rarity of the off-white model worn by Alessandro Del Piero, Raul, and David Beckham during the 2002 World Cup. In 2017, the boot was central to the Champagne pack, featuring the same colourway for the Ace, X, and Copa, plus a synthetic remake of Champagne Mania itself.

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