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Precision To Blur Pack

The latest pack of football boots from adidas projects a theme of obscuring on-pitch movements with overwhelming speed. Officially called Precision to Blur, the adidas collection is bannered by the Nemeziz' updated looks, followed by the bold and vivid colours applied to all of the brand's current football boot silos.

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As for the Nemeziz, what's new is the strips of synthetic curved texturing applied on top of the coating to now add more grip. So not only does the new Nemeziz have a barefoot touch on the ball, it's now able to grip it more effectively so you can dribble, shoot, and pass more accurately. The update on the Nemeziz' texture may have been a response in some sense to the Nike Phantom GT, though arguably adidas still has the grippiest boot of them all with the Predator 20. The texturing and Torsion System soleplate both have an iridescent finish that shines through the backdrop of the deep purple Tensiontape upper.

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