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Mutator Pack Boots

Dropping classic colours on a brand new release from addidas for 2020 , that takes it's name from the red/black Predator Mutator, a new generation for the predators this year as well as the predators in this pack, we also have the x19 in a classic blue, accompanied with the Nemeziz in a white and blue drop that has swirls of colour going through the knit of the boot. All eyes will be on the new Mutator Predators available in their new 2020 version, with the very high sock. This time around you can also get a low 20.1 version with just a short primeknit collar which we expect will be massively popular with pro players and boot enthusiasts alike.

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adidas Boots in Mutator Pack Pack:

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The other boot in this pack is the Copa 20, this is the third release for the Copa following from the Shadowbeast in the complete black and the silver camouflage encryption pack drop that launched the Copa 20 at the end of last year.

Mutator Pack Boots

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