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Gold Predator Pack

As part of the Icon 25 Year pack to celebrate twenty-five years since the original Predator, adidas crafted special Predators for David Beckham and Zidane Zidane. Beckham getting a white Precision inspired remake boot and trainers and Zidane getting a remake Accelerator and matching fashion footwear. In addition a Limited Collection Gold Predator wow's in the Predator 19+ line and for those who want the look but not the price a laceless 19.3 version is available in the Limited Edition for the first time.

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adidas Boots in Zidane x Beckham Pack:

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The Predator has been created with a combination of the DB & ZZ touches, intitalled each on one foot, the gold is a nod to Zidane's 1998 Ballon D'Or win, Pogba and co get to wear them on pitch this time around.

Zidane x Beckham Boots

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