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Eleven Eleven X Speedflow

With Singles Day becoming one, if not the grandest shopping celebration, adidas serves up a recognition of the event with the release of the Eleven Eleven X Speedflow Pack. The X Speedflow debuted last July 2021 but has already achieved significant popularity among professionals, making it the ideal silo to represent the adidas Singles Day football pack.

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A deep and vivid shade of Royal Blue serves as the main colourway of the Singles X Speedflow, which comes in both the + and .1 models. The Carbitex Speedframe and adidas stripes offer complimentary white details, while the Speedflow lines in the laceless model add a few golden touches. Both X Speedflows have a black heel tab with gold '11' and '+-' on the left boot and right boot, respectively. The said brandings have white underlays, arrows for the left ones and pluses for the opposite side.

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