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adidas Edge of Darkness

Adidas opens 2022 with their first Black release of the year. Aptly called 'Edge of Darkness,' the current silos from the Stripes brand feature a predominantly stealthy look with just a few colour accents. Interestingly, the colour details are blue, white, and red, evoking thoughts about France.

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The highlight of the release, however, is the new-gen Predator Edge. Succeeding the Predator Freak and Predator Mutator of the previous years, the Edge moves away from the Demonskin rubber spikes and into an LZ-type of grip elements. Consistent with the colour theme of 'Edge of Darkness,' this Predator Edge has a predominantly black colourway with the French-like colour accents influencing the finish of the adidas stripes on the sides and the logo on the tongue.

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