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X Ghosted.3 Review

The adidas X Speedflow brings back the competitive nature of adidas speed boots and does so with flying colours courtesy of electrifying performances from Heung-Min Son, Lionel Messi, and Jamie Vardy. For those who works with a tight budget and plans to emulate these football stars, adidas addresses this need by offering the .3 X Speedflow takedown model. We're going to find out then if they are decent football boots for their price range and if they are going to provide you some satisfaction should you wish to own a pair now.

Things About the X Speedflow .3 You'll Want to Know:

  1. To maintain the essence of the adidas X Speedflow, the .3's Speedskin upper has a textile-based mesh w/ a fuse overlay and thin internal liner with cutouts; translucent look is a decent imitation of the + model's look
  2. Available in laceless and laced version; Laced costs £70 while the Laceless is priced at £75
  3. Feels more syntheticky than the top-tier models
  4. Laceless .3's similarity to the + in terms of shape helps the boot provide a decent fit
  5. Laced model directly competes with Nike's Academy Mercurials

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Expert Ghosted Speedlow.3 Reviews:

Below are video analyses of the X Speedflow.3 Laced and Laceless models by some of the trusted voices in football boot reviews. We've compiled them here on this page and also listed a summary of their views to save you some time.

SR4U on the X Laceless X Speedflow.3:

  • Best effort so far of adidas for a takedown laceless model
  • Semi translucent look is an impressive mimick of that same effect of the + model's mesh primeknit with agility cage
  • Speedskin textile upper falls on the rigid plasticky feel; much nicer though compared to that of Nike's Vapor Academy; will provide a decent barefoot touch
  • Exposed laceless mesh tongue has a fused plastic underlay, preventing it from stretching; even difficult to put on than the + model
  • Shape combines with the Speedskin and mesh tongue structure to allow the boot to fit well, addressing one of the significant shortcomings of previous laceless takedown models
  • Suffers the same shallow heel that causes slipping; padded heel liner is comfortable though
  • Outsole has good rigidity from rear to midfoot, but very flexible on the forefoot and does not provide any springback effect
  • Solid stud pattern, more aggressive than the Nike Academy Mercs
  • If not for the shallow heel, could have been a winner
  • Terrible option for wide feet; true-to-size
  • Buy if you are desperate for a cheap laceless boot; save up and look what's on sale if looking for the best value-for-money boots available

SR4U on the Laced X Speedflow.3:

  • Nike Mercurial Academy boots may be the most popular, but value-for-money-wise, X Speedflow .3 Laced might be better
  • Speedskin upper and soleplate are the same as the laceless .3
  • Laces and stretchy mesh tongue the significant difference from the laceless variant; immediately secures the lockdown and fit
  • Betters the upper of the Academy Nike Mercs in terms of relating to the experience of their respective top-tier boots
  • Shallow fit of the heel does not feel awkward because of the laces, but still feels significant to drown out the positives of the boot
  • Shape approximates the top-end Speedflow
  • True-to-size
  • Tiempo Academy still the home run winner of takedown boots; buy only if you really need the cheap speed boots