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X Ghosted.3 Review

The adidas X Ghosted marks the return of synthetics to the football boot industry and does so with flying colours courtesy of electrifying performances from Heung-Min Son, Mohamed Salah, and Timo Werner. For those who works with a tight budget and plans to emulate these speedsters, adidas addresses this need by offering the .3 X Ghosted takedown model. We're going to find out then if they are decent football boots for their price range and if they are going to provide you some satisfaction should you wish to own a pair now.

Things About the X Ghosted .3 You'll Want to Know:

  1. To maintain the essence of the adidas X Ghosted, the .3's Speedskin upper has a bit of translucent profile, composed of a textile-based mesh and thin matte silicone coating
  2. Available in laceless and laced version
  3. Lower edge of the upper has a tacky texturing which arguably is less or even non-existent in the Fluroskin upper of the .1
  4. Soleplate is a single layer of TPU that has the same looks as the Carbitex Speedframe
  5. Has a synthetic suede heel liner and a cheap insole foam
  6. Laced costs £70 while the Laceless is priced at £75

Adult X Ghosted .3:

Kids X Ghosted .3:

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Expert Ghosted X .3 Reviews:

Below are video analyses of the X Ghosted .3 Laced and Laceless models by some of the trusted voices in football boot reviews. We've compiled them here on this page and also listed a summary of their views to save you some time.

SR4U on the X Laceless X Ghosted .3:

  • So far the best execution of a laceless takedown by adidas
  • Speedskin upper is noticeably rigid and firmer that the synthetic upper of the top-end models; still relatively thin and provides decent amount of barefoot ball sensation and foot hugging
  • Overall, upper construction is far better than that of the previous .3s
  • Tongue does not have much stretch, causing insertion to be a bit difficult, though lockdown would be above average once the foot is inserted
  • Soleplate has an abrupt transition from the stiff midfoot to the flexible forefoot; studs are more aggressive than the Mercurial takedown
  • On feet, fits really well; rigid upper causes some creasing; some break in time is needed; true-to-size is recommended; not so much an option for wide feet players
  • Easily the best laceless takedown model produced by the brand; not considering the huge discounts on the elite models of the previous generation or the few extra amount for the higher-tiered x ghosted, purchasing the x ghosted .3 laceless boots wouldn't be a bad buy

Boot Wizard on the Laced and Laceless X Ghosted .3:

  • Fit is improved by the snug fit and synthetic suede around the heel in contrast to the shallow fit of previous takedowns
  • Other than the laces and the plastic backing of the tongue on the laceless model, both laced and laceless are the same in build and material
  • The laceless .3 is the best that you can get if you are looking for the latest takedown boot and are not concerned with the sales from old top-end models
  • True-to-size boots; less stretch on the opening makes it a bit difficult to insert your foot into the wider your foot gets
  • Responsive is ok for the price
  • Between the laced and lacess, better pickup the laced model for better comfort and lockdown

Your X Ghosted .3 Questions Answered

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