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Academy Phantom GT2 Nike Review

Are you looking for a more affordable model of the boots worn by Kane, De Bruyne, and Grealish? If so, then the Phantom GT Academy is the one for you. Find out more about this takedown boot, including a variant that is truly one of a kind, in the discussion below.

7 Things About the Phantom GT2 Academy You'll Want to Know:

  1. Availablie in low cut (£73) and DF Collar (£80)
  2. Updates the GT tech into a streamlined, chevron-shaped texturing; no longer has the elements towards the rear of the boot unlike the GT1 Academy
  3. GT2 Academy also has the Flyease model for athletes with special needs
  4. Multigrounded by default
  5. A budget option for a synthetic control boot with grip elements
  6. No significant difference from the GT1 Academy aside from the updated GT tech; still the same soleplate, upper material and construction, and off-centred lacing
  7. DF and low-cut essentially the same, just the collar (or lack of) is different; save up by going to the low

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What we think about the Phantom GT2 Academy

In terms of value for money, the GT2 Academy lags behind the Tiempo Academy, which is the best among Nike Academy cleats in approximating the experience of its parent Elite model. However, in comparison to its direct competitor adidas Predator Freak.3 laced, the GT2 Academy has better responsive and secure feeling, with the grip elements also more pronounced than the Demonscale print of the adidas takedown boot. Another positive about this Nike takedown boot is the above-average feel of the soleplate. One thing to take note is that the upper does require some break-in time. Overall, it is an okay boot, not too bad but also not too outstanding to be recommended especially if there are previous-gen top-tier boots on discount.

7 Things About the Phantom GT Academy You'll Want to Know:

  1. Availablie in low cut (£70) and DF Collar (£80)
  2. Synthetic upper still has the Generative Texture elements, though obviously are less sharp or pronounce than the Elite GT
  3. Aside from low cut and DF Collar, the Academy GT has a unique model called Academy FlyEase, the fold-down heel and velcro strap support technology that allows easier foot insertion
  4. Feels a bit tighter and not as wide as the top models
  5. Like other Academy Nike boots, the stud configuration is multigrounded
  6. Soleplate is above quality for the price point as the lateral bar connecting the split stud plates offer similar torque support as the Elite Hyperquick; inner chassis is also not as stiff as other takedown boots
  7. Unless you're a fan of collared boots, you can do away with the DF version

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Expert Phantom GT Academy Reviews:

We've combined our own personal opinions of the Phantom GT, with those of some of the most trusted voices on Football Boots on YouTube, to save you time! You can find video reviews of the Phantom GT Academy MG and their main view points below:

SR4U's review of the Phantom GT Academy said:

  • Synthetic upper has cheaper material compared to that one used for the discontinued Phantom VNM Academy
  • Soleplate is a positive as it has good flexibility for its price point
  • Because of its tighter fit, recommends going true-to-size
  • Would be better to go for the Tiempo Academy or the previous Phantom VNM academy whenever possible
  • Stiffness of the upper woul require break-in time
  • Generative Texture is less pronounced
  • MG configuration, like those of other Nike MG boots, is better than the FG/AG of other brands
  • More value for money on the low cut if the choice is just between the low cut model and the DF model

Unisport's Nike Phantom GT Academy review:

  • Generative Texture is less grippy and less aggressive
  • The GT DF has a 2-piece upper construction, an outer synthetic and an inner neoprene sock that also forms the collar; upper's synthetic profile will require some breaking in period
  • Feels a bit plasticky
  • Inner board of the TPU outsole is a bit wider compared to the top end models
  • Multiground designation qualifies for the boot for synthetic pitches without the worry of losing warranty

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