Neymar trains in Nike Hyper Venom ? New Boots!

Another glimpse in to the future of Nike football boots comes to us courtesy of the training pitches of São Paulo and Neymar preparing to face Palmeiras this weekend. We expect to see Neymar wearing the GS2 for that match, as the main wearer of the original boot, he is again involved with the GS2, but it seems he is already looking to the future and testing an upcoming release.

Few things to notice with this test pair, they have the SG-Pro hybrid soleplate so Nike are it appears continuing with that on their boots, then there are the dimples. Some of you may have seen the Vapor IX in testing and these dimples seem more pronounced than those we’ve seen for the Vapor 9, so are these the Vapor X or perhaps the mystery Hyper Venom or even the Vapor Superfly IV due out in 2014?

What do you think Nike have Neymar testing? He had a black-out of what appears to be the same silo on last month, albeit with a different soleplate, so does this extra image give you an more clues?

    Cleon April:

    hope they come out sooner.

    Luka Misireli:

    its hypervenom?

    Eden Hazard:

    I wish to have one.

    Neymar Jr:

    hahaha puta madre

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