Free Personalisation

Fancy free personalisation and delivery when you buy a full price pair of football boots? then Lovell Soccer may just be the place to purchase your next pair from.

What does personalisation mean? well it means having your name or a word stitched into the boot itself, this not only makes them look great but also makes people know that the boots are yours and who you are. Nearly all professional footballers have this on their boots and as seen below Defoe has it on his boots. For more information click below.

The offer can be found here . In the coming weeks we will be writing about individual footballers and feature the boots that they wear, you will see that more often than not they have there name stitched in. If your worried about paying full price for a pair then just think that this free delivery and personalisation can be worth £20+ so your making that saving back as well as having some very flashy looking boots to go along with.

Some of our staff own personalised boots with either their first, last or nicknames stiched in, its a nice statement that if you keep your boots clean which is well worth the hassle as they will last much longer (future post on looking after your boots) will mean this will stick out and make you stand out from the crowd.

    sarah harris:

    do u do any size 4 boots with 6 letter names on ie Bailey?

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