Limited Edition Joma Football Boots for Pepe Reina

Not even the world’s best, Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid and Lionel Messi of Barcelona, can be proud of such exclusive football boots as those prepared by the Spanish brand Joma for Liverpool’s shot-stopper Pepe Reina.

As a testament to perhaps the firm’s leading star, the Limited Edition ‘Pepe Reina’ Total Fit boots show the goalkeeper himself in celebration, as well as Reina’s signature and an interesting glow effect around the Joma logo.



The Total Fit is a no-nonsense football boot from a highly reputable brand that uses the world’s finest premium grade kangaroo leather and a high standard of work. In fact, a seamless one-piece quality upper is used to mould to the shape of your foot for comfort and flexibility through no internal stitching whatsoever.

Weight is stripped to a mere 270 g, with this boot incorporating Joma’s unique 360º fit system for the optimal use of energy and an all-round glove-like fit. Furthermore, a narrower outsole reduces weight without compromising stability.



Just 200 pairs of this bespoke Joma Total Fit for Pepe Reina should be out, with artwork individually hand-painted by skilled craftsmen in Toledo at the headquarters and studios of the brand.


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