Pearl / Black / Pink Mizuno Supersonic Wave II

Through deep testing with J-League players, Mizuno claim to have understood the behaviour of our feet as we dribble at high speeds.

In fact, the latest Mizuno Supersonic Wave II involves the unique Feather Touch System on the outside of the toe area that improves close ball control by utilising a low rebound sponge and a textured PU print.

Furthermore, small touches have been added to the lateral area of the foot, which is deemed to be key, with structured lateral overlays in the upper that secure the foot while supporting the extra force exerted by the player on the outside of the boot.



The highest grade kangaroo leather and a suede collar lining are employed here for luxury and the perfect fit.

This innovative outsole includes a soft outside with a Pebax core for feather weight, whilst a unique stud configuration is deemed to improve acceleration.

Note that these boots, available in this classy Pearl / Black / Pink colourway shown here, should be avilable for sale as from 1 February for a price approximating £ 120.




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