Adidas Sign Iker Casillas From Reebok

Iker Casillas has been a long time endorsee of Reebok, but he has now ditched the brand in favour of its parent, namely the German adidas.

Therefore, the German brand will now be sponsoring both the Real Madrid side and its stalwart between the posts, with the Spanish international who should be wearing adiPower Predator football boots from now onwards.



More specifically, in his first photoshoot for adidas, Casillas is seen with not only Response goalkeeping gloves, but also matching Phantom / Warning adidas Predators.

This move follows that of rivals Barcelona’s goalkeeper Víctor Valdés, who back in November endorsed the Brazilian brand Penalty.



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Posted on January 12, 2012 Justin


  1. Sandra Luque Pacheco Reply

    el mejor and iker casillas on the wold.

    • Diego Manuel Luque Pacheco Reply

      Mira que estas aprendiendo idiomas jeje

  2. Altaïr Ibn La-Ahad Reply


  3. Ben Reply

    that is great news because i heard that the adidas glove are one of the best around
    ps watch out maunel neuer 🙂

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