How To Look After Your Football Boots

First you need to make sure you are wearing the right boots for the conditions. Soft Ground boots are designed to be worn through the middle part of the season when the ground is softer (Winter). Avoid using soft ground boots at the start of the year when the ground is hard, as this can cause foot injures and stress the boots, reducing the life of your boots.

Instead wear hard/firm ground boots at the start of the season and when the surface is hard (Summer/Autumn). You won’t want to be wearing these though once the ground gets softer, as you will lose grip and traction in these conditions.

Cleaning your football boots

Cleaning your football boots

Try to clean your boots as soon as possible, at least removing the mud right away. By tapping the boots together or against a hard surface you will be able to remove mud stuck to the bottoms. For a more complete clean use something like a toothbrush to get the stubborn dirt. Finish by wiping the boots with a damp cloth.

Polish your boots whenever possible, you can also let the polish soak in and then just buff it off your boots just before you play. If you wish you can also apply a leather protector, followed by the polish, after each cleaning.

Try not to keep your wet or muddy boots enclosed in a plastic, or other non-breathable bag, for any extended amount of time.

Extend the life of your football boots

To help lengthen the life of your boots if you playing or training three or more times a week consider buying two pairs, one for training and one for match day. This can extend the life of your boots by allowing them to properly dry after each use.

Allow the boots to dry in a well ventilated area, somewhere cool and dry is best and not in direct sunlight.

If you boots have removable studs, ensure the studs are tightened before each use (but not over tightened). Remove and clean the thread in the boot and in stud as this will help prevent rusting.

Walking on unsuitable surfaces like concrete can wear down the studs or blades, so try and stick to grass, astro-turf or take off/don’t put your boots on until you can wear them on a suitable ground.

Keeping your boots in shape

Make sure to loosen the laces sufficiently before putting your boots on and when you are taking them off, this will prevents the boots from stretching.

Adding newspaper to the boots will help them keep their shape and speed up the process whilst they are drying.

Only ever hand-wash only, never put boots in the washing machine as this will breaks down the materials.


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