New 2012 Predator LZ (Lethal Zones Instead Of D5)

So the massive news for the 2012 Predator release, is that they will no longer be called the D5. adidas have decided to call them the Predator LZ; the name coming from the lethal zones on the boot, you can see from the images we have of the boots that Lethal Zones will now be embroidered on the upper.

adidas Predator Lethal Zones

We aren’t sure why adidas have ditched the D5 name, but the 2012 Predator will be the LZ. We have lots of great first look images of the traditionally favoured colour-way for Predators and we think it looks amazing! What are your thoughts?

Predator Lethal Zones

adidas 2012 D5 Boot

Sprintframe on adidas Lethal Zones Football Boots

These Predator’s have a synthetic leather upper and the five zones on them (hence the previous D5 name) using various pods and stripes that should enhance ball control and passing accuracy.

adidas Predator LZ Football Boots

They will also be the first Predators with miCoach, you can see the sole of the boot with the miCoach area in the image below. As well as the traditional red/black white Preds there are also a couple of images of other colourways, the Bright Blue/Infared/Collegiate Navy/White and Black/Green/Infared.

miCoach Predator Football Boots

Blue/Infared/Collegiate Navy/White Pred LZ:

Predator LethalZones Black/Green/Infared:

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Thanks to Jarwo for the pictures, much appreciated


Posted on November 30, 2011 Ian


  1. Admin Reply

    Jackson they are the UCL edition and will be out in Octover for start of next UCL campaign we believe

  2. Jackson McCone Reply

    when will the lime/black colorway be released?

  3. Noeyy Rios Reply

    Their Baadass Ass Hell.
    These Shoes are going In My List Forsure!

  4. Sean Wright Reply

    i have only just got use to the boots not having the big tongue which for me was the trade mark of the predator now they are just looking like Nike boots. bring back the predator touch and accelerator boots these have buy far been the best of the bunch. If they can keep the world cups going why can’t they do it with the other classic boots. i bet they would sell far more of them than these new ones

  5. John P. Reply

    So what about the white color way with the orange strips? I would love to get these in the original white color way.

  6. Chris Reply

    These boots look like adipure and f50 mixed together but with fake synthetic leather, all I can say they should of just kept making them out of real calfskin or real kangaroo leather..

  7. Mohd Aidil Reply

    ni boot bru xpna tngok pon sblm nie.

  8. Jack Johnson Reply

    cant understand why adidas have gone with a synthetic upper instead of a calf skin leather like they usually do. adidas are to focussed on making a light wieght boot rather a good boot now days. and this boot in know way will improve your touch of pass ability :L.

  9. Seanrice Reply

    okay cheers,im looking forward to it

  10. Seanrice Reply

    when are they comming out

    • Admin Reply

      could be as early as May 2012

  11. Enrique Galindo Reply

    Dam these shoes look light, have style, and theyre predetors so tat means tat the touch, accuracy,and shot is going to be amazing. Cant wait till the come out!:D

  12. Realpredator Reply

    Some one needs to knock some sense on the designers on the predator adidas department , these boots are fine for the f50 roster not for the predators, why ruin a perfect boot of the year for 2011 into this light weight crap.
    Not every player is interested on lightweight technology especially middlefilders.
    Release these as f50 & keep the current predz or lose your faithful predator fans to nike I’m sure they would find the ctr 360 more better suiting their style of play than these ugly looking f50’ish fake predz.

  13. Nicolas Martinez Urioste Reply

    Do you make deliveries to Bolivia?

    • Admin Reply

      @Nicolas Martinez Urioste we deliver worldwide, but these aren’t out yet

  14. Benedict Kwok Reply

    Finally a rival for the Nike CTR360 Maestri.

    • Azhan Soundmatters Reply

      predator is for accuracy. its a rival for laser actually. 360 is for allround, just like adipower (if i'm not mistaken). adizero is to compete with mercurial series. and tiempo is for great touch. (=

  15. Keith RealMadrid Lui Reply

    freak boots

  16. Cas Da La Evil Reply

    I always thought that the adipower was soon goner turn into a mi coach compatible boot and I thought the adipower was great but adidas ruined the look , the weight and the power, it simply turned into an ultra light , not good looking , crap boot . In my point of view I think this boot is not a predator but simply a f50 adizero.

  17. Kevin Andres Huaura Reply

    las mejores

  18. Meron123 Reply

    sooooooooooooooooo sexy

  19. محمد ابوزيد Reply

    what can i say it simply…

  20. Firio50 Reply

    sad to see the new ones :-(,
    adidas is running out of ideas,
    the current preds are just great but still adidas must add the micoach tech so it could be better.

  21. Wacko Reply

    What’s going on with adidas? did they lost their taste of design? Adipower is already a great model, and now they mix predator with the earlier model of F50? The current one is fantastic already, please don’t release this one…

  22. Finnan97 Reply

    these are crap these are nothing like how predators should be, look at the originals in comparison to these, predators should be proper kangaroo leather not synthetic plastic like F50s.

  23. Ben Reply

    those boots are crap,adidas should of kept on developing the adipower with the mi-coach 🙁

  24. Groot Reply

    Adidas needs to stop changing things up. They better keep making adiPowers. Predators aren’t supposed to be ridiculously light.

  25. Wowokcuk Reply

    sesuatu banget. incredibile, ma sembra strano (poto colongan)

  26. Rickson Addo Reply


  27. Nick Reply

    Not a fan. The current Preds are fantastic, why release a new design so quickly?

  28. Francesca Pia Villapando Reply

    COOL! how much haha:))

  29. Gemma Reply

    not to sure about these im all for new tech in boots but these just look like a vamped up version of the f50s – preds should be a tradionalish lookin boot thats made for tough tackling midfielders these jst look to light nt v center mid general like

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