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What Boots Does Cristiano Ronaldo Wear?

Cristiano Ronaldo has won just about everything there is to win in Football. Season 07/08 saw him bag 42 goals and terrorize defences not only in the Premier League, but also in Europe. That was a season that neither he nor anyone else will probably be able to reproduce for a very long time. So I’m sure many of you will be wondering, what boots does he wear?

Cristiano’s Football Boots

Well the Portuguese star currently wears Nike Mercurial Vapors IV. With the amount of money Ronaldo earns though, does the flashy star just wear the same pair? Of course not. Ronaldo wears various colours of the boot. Below are the boots Ronaldo has worn. Most are currently selling for around £120-£140.

Ronaldo’s Mercurial Vapors

Nike Mercurial Vapors

Nike Mercurial Vapors

Ronaldo wears Nike

The 24 year-old is now, however, expected to be seen wearing the new Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly boots. The boot uses new flywire technology and, interestingly, does not come with a lace over. This has been a regular on Vapors in the past however it seems this revolutionary new boot will not sport one. The flywire technology is based on a sprint spike concept which was introduced at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

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Posted on February 09, 2009 Ian


  1. Jose Duarte Reply

    My kid needs a pair!

  2. Michael Lipp Junior Reply

    I whant a pair.

  3. James Mark Saunders Reply


  4. Patrick Hall Reply

    what is the exact name of the dark blue ones bottom right? can someone email me? [email protected]

  5. Liam X Rae Reply

    I wont all of them so bad he has to give me a pari for free 🙂

  6. Cristiano Cherbond Reply


  7. Cristian Chambi Soliz Reply

    son muy buenos.

  8. Rajan Morrison Reply


  9. Georgeamoako Reply

    pls i am a footballer in ghana and i want boots

  10. Thomas Reply

    I bought the blue pair ( bottom right) and they are probably the best boots I have ever seen, thanks ebay :L

  11. Dejan Reply

    These are mad as shoes. I like the black and pink boots they are soo cool. I’m getting myself a pair of Nike Mercurial Vapor VI.

  12. Knight Reply

    i have the orange mercurials and mine are also sg. there great cleats.

  13. Milly Reply

    i want the red 50 boots and blue

  14. Rise Up Reply

    i like the black one

  15. Mole ..l Reply

    these r acii i want the balck nd pink pair x.x.x.x.x.x

  16. Ozyi Reply

    cok welek kabeh

    sepatu ku pajang too………

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