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Puma EvoTOUCH Pro Boot Test & Review – ‘Black/White/Safety Yellow’

The innovative German brand of Puma unveil their all-new model in the form of its evoTOUCH Pro which features a collared silhouette and premium K-Leather materials for a midfield maestros dream boot. Here’s how the evoTOUCH Pro performed in a full test and review.

Designed and delivered to pose alongside its counterparts of the fast-paced evoSPEED and aptly named evoPOWER, the evoTOUCH completes the three-way collection through offering players with a more control-theme. So how does Puma’s latest creation compare to its aforementioned counterparts and other control boots on market, let’s find out!

FIRST IMPRESSIONS/COMFORT: The most apparent feature of the evoTOUCH Pro straight out of the box was its incredibly soft and thin K-Leather upper which spanned across the entire boot. The leather felt very premium and reminded me of the Tiempo Legend VI in terms of quality so touch and feel on the ball was always going to be luxurious. The evoKINT collar also offered a unique cut compared to Nike’s Dynamic Fit and adidas’ Techfit examples.


SIZING/FIT: The evoTOUCH Pro actually feature quite a universal fit which means both narrow and wide footed players can lace-up in the boots, especially as the ultra-soft K-Touch leather upper will stretch over time becoming more flexible. In terms of sizing, true to size is the way to go although you can opt for half a size down to ensure a snug and tight fit throughout their lifespan due to the K-Leather stretching.


Arguably the biggest feature of Puma’s latest boot is its evoKNIT collar which raises high up the Achilles and around the lower ankle whilst also continuing within the boot for a compression and sock-like sensation. Although the collar arches towards the back of the heel, the elasticated material is incredibly soft and flexible therefore didn’t create discomfort or annoyance.


GRIPTEX: Alongside the evoKNIT collar, Puma add further innovations through a Griptex applications within the heel-lining and sock-liner to not only increase friction and grip however also offer players the option to wear the boots without socks for the truest barefoot sensation. The Griptex technology are small arrowhead-like grippy pods which are positioned upon the collar and inner plate.


K-TOUCH: What makes the evoTOUCH Pro stand out from its evoSPEED and evoPOWER counterparts, and other collared boots, is its extremely soft K-Touch K-Leather upper from heel to toe which is not only thin yet features an inner mesh lining for a cushioned and dampened effect on the ball. Although the leather upper offers great feedback, the only worry would be its lack of structure and durability.


SPEEDTRACK: Puma once again use their highly popular and responsive Speedtrack sole plate on the evoTOUCH for the platform of pacey performance, whilst also opting for conical studs to allow for midfield players to make quick rotations and swivelling movements. The Speedtrack stiffener bar runs across almost the entire sole plate to increase responsiveness of straight line acceleration.


DESIGN & COLOURWAY: Puma have preferred to release their evoTOUCH Pro in a classical colour-way of predominant Black, with White used for their Formstripe logo and trademark Safety Yellow additions. The Black across the leather enhances the traditional look, whilst the Safety Yellow displays the modern innovation of its evoKNIT collar.


VERDICT: Overall, the evoTOUCH Pro is without doubt a great addition to Puma’s evoSPEED and evoPOWER collection and also poses as one of the finest leather boots on the market alongside Nike’s Techcraft models especially. The evoKNIT collar doesn’t interfere as significantly as Nike’s Dynamic Fit collar and the Griptex technology could definitely be something seen more frequently in the future. Whilst the K-Touch upper is supremely soft, thin, and comfortable, my only concern would be the durability and stability.


Alongside the evoTOUCH Pro, Puma also offer a scaled down version of their first collared boot in the form of the evoTOUCH 1 which uses a less premium and soft Calf leather making the boot more affordable and suited to club players.

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Posted on August 05, 2016 Matt


  1. Jim Walker Reply

    I really like these boots. I am Jim I’m 10 I play football and I would like a pair.

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