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Nike Mercurial Superfly V Boot Test & Review – Total Crimson/Pink Blast/Volt

Posing as the highly anticipated fifth generation of innovative modification, the Nike Mercurial Superfly V has arrived and we lace up the boots for a full review.

Designed with an ever-present speed-theme, the Mercurial Superfly V is designed to provide players with a highly responsive experience for pacey performances. So how does it compare to previous Superfly models and other speed-infused boots, let’s find out!

FIRST IMPRESSIONS/COMFORT: Straight out of the box it’s instantly evident that the Superfly V is once again a premium standard boot through the quality Nike craftsmanship, innovative materials, feel in-hand. The Speed Rib upper was the most noticeable new addition, whilst the revolutionary layered Nylon chassis sole plate also stole the headlines so both of the Superfly V’s latest technologies proved the most exciting to test.


SIZING/FIT: Whereas the previous Superfly IV sized-up half a size long for most wearers, the newer Superfly V is much truer lengthwise so if you’re interested in a pair then go for your usual size. Alongside the Superfly range being renowned for having a narrow mid-foot, the latest model also continues this fit through the toe-box so players with wide feet should stay clear or opt for the more forgiving Mercurial Vapor XI.


SPEED RIBS: There’s no doubt that the Superfly silo offers one of the most, if not the most barefoot/second skin sensation, and the latest Superfly V continues that touching, dribbling, and striking feedback whilst also incorporating a higher level of grip through the aggressive Speed Rib upper enhancing friction on the ball. The essentially ribbed upper flows from heel to toe and also offers a slightly increased padded feel compared to previous ultra-thin Superfly models through a cushioned characteristic.


BRIO CABLES: Providing the responsive playing experience wearers of the Superfly demand, the fifth-gen model continues to incorporates Nike’s Brio cables on either side panel to merge the sole plate with the lacing system to create increased lock-down throughout the boot. The Brio cables can be visually seen within the NikeSkin and Flyknit upper and can also definitely be felt when fully laced-up creating a snug fit.


NYLON SOLEPLATE: Whilst previous Superfly generations have prided themselves on their carbon fibre sole plate, providing a stiff yet highly responsive platform of performance, Nike made the executive decision to revolutionise their new Superfly V by adding a layered Nylon chassis outsole which not only ensured the boots remain responsive yet also decrease the sole plate weight by 40%.


DYNAMIC FIT COLLAR: First seen on the Mercurial Superfly IV, the Dynamic Fit collar once again poses at the top of the Superfly V boot which definitely takes some getting used to but you do become at ease with the collar after several sessions. Arguably the biggest issue with the previous Superfly IV was its proneness to cause blisters at the Achilles region through a bobble on the Dynamic Fit collar however Nike have made the seam smoother and less aggressive which should decrease the likelihood of blisters occurring.


STUDS: Alongside the new Nylon sole plate, Nike have also updated their stud configuration to a highly aggressive arrowhead shaped bladed shape which optimises traction when accelerating and stopping. Alternative FG and SG stud configurations are available for use on either firm or soft ground surfaces.


DESIGN & COLOURWAY: There’s no doubt that the Superfly V is a high performing and elite level boot, with that being said the launch colour-way hasn’t proved to be for everyone through the opposing Total Crimson/Pink Blast tones at either side panel. The Superfly V was first unveiled in alternative solid visuals or Red, Blue, and White which looked far more elegant compared to half and half design so it was a shame Nike didn’t continue to create such paint-jobs.


VERDICT: Overall, the Mercurial Superfly V is the best performing speed boot on the market in my opinion and also features quality craftsmanship throughout, resulting in a durable product which should last a respectable length of time. A responsive boot is what the Superfly V promises and Nike deliver big time through the Speed Rib upper, Brio cables, Nylon sole plate, and chevron-like bladed studs, so if you’re a winger or forward then these boots could be your next. The Superfly V is definitely one for narrower feet and also going true to size is the way to go.


Alongside the mid-cut Superfly V, Nike also offer their Mercurial counterpart Vapor XI which stays more traditional through a low-cut silhouette however leaves absent the responsive Brio cables and prefers a thin, lightweight, and soft Teijin synthetic upper.



Posted on June 13, 2016 Matt

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