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Rare Football Boots : Zygo Deztruct

Zygo have been developing an innovative football boot for the last 6 years, finally coming up with the Deztruct, which has been worn by Adelaide United’s Joseph Keenan as shown below. These boots include what look like suction cups, enhancing power and swerve.

More specifically, special energy pods are placed in strategic areas (where contact is made with the ball), releasing extra energy and amplifying spin by performing like a spring. Note that this model weighs 310 g.

This technology of the Zygo Deztruct has been tested in the School of Exercise Science at the A.C.U. and in the Manchester Progressive Sports Technologies laboratory.


Posted on March 08, 2011 Justin


  1. Cameron Mooney Reply

    These look like fantastic boots. Where could I possible buy them from?

  2. MalFil21 Reply

    looks like those pair of slippers that I can wear to the toilet. only this one covers my feet more.

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