The multi-coloured studs of the adidas F50 adiZero Prime

In today’s football, the need for speed is greater than ever before, and the record-breaking adidas F50 adiZero Prime is the lightest boot on the pitch . . . at a mere 145 g, it is as much as 20 g lighter than the standard adiZero.

The Primes employ multi-coloured Traxion studs, whose use is given below by reference to the colours used in the latest White / Radiant Pink / Cyan release:

The front studsYellow

Help the player push off and accelerate with maximum efficiency

The second studs and the studs at the heelBlue

Distribute stud pressure and offer maximum traction during lateral movement

The middle studsPink

Stabilise the player during ground contact, without restricting agility

    Clay Bartolo:

    There the orange too…also multicoloured studs ;D

    Leo Hernandez:

    I would like to know if the multicoloured studs can be replace.Where can I buy it from??

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